Philippians. “The Good News about Christ.” Study two.

June 29, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

Living As Citizens of Heaven. 1. ‘The Good News.’ Read Philippians 1:1-2:5. Look up the follow verses and discuss what Paul said He and the Philippian Church were doing regarding “The Good News about Christ.” • Philippians 1:5, 12. • Philippians 1:7, 16. • Philippians 1:27a. • Philippians 1:27b. 2. The Message of ‘The Good
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Philippians. Study one.

June 23, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

This week is the first of four studies on the book of Philippians. 1. Introduction. Read Philippians 1:1 and answer the following: • Who wrote Philippians? • To whom was it written? What does Acts 16:9-12 say about Philippi? The Roman colony of Philippi was located in northern Greece (called Macedonia in Paul’s day). Philip
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The Challenge of “Aloneness”

June 15, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. What is aloneness? Is it being alone or being lonely? Are they the same? Can someone be alone but not lonely or can they be lonely in a roomful of people? What is your definition of loneliness? Discuss the following: There is a difference between aloneness and loneliness. Alone means you are by yourself
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Jesus: “I AM”. Study 2.

June 8, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

Today we continue and complete a series of studies titled The ‘I AM’s’ of Christ. Part one was posted at on 16thMarch 2019. 1. Review. Jesus: “I Am” Read John 8:31-59. What was the main point Jesus was explaining to the Pharisees in answer to their question ‘Who do you think you are?’ John
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What Does God Require? Part 3. Micah 6:8.

May 31, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. Review. Read Micah 6:8. Following is taken from Georges review on Sunday: “Micah 6:8 contains 3 demand-elements required by God of His people. a. The 1st demand-element required by God is that His people do justly in their dealings with each other. Doing justly is about having a commitment to what is true, fair
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What Does God Require? Part 2. Micah 6:8

May 26, 2019 By: Category: Bible Study

1. Review The prophet Micah was a prophet to the southern Kingdom of Judah, during the reign of the 3 kings, Jotham, Ahaz & Hezekiah, 735-710 BC. The society of Judah at the time of Micah was riddled with injustice, exploitation & abuses. God said through Micah that what He demands from his people is
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