In Luke eight we see a glimpse of the power of Jesus, who is the Son of God. He displayed power over the storm as he calmed the tempest in an instant. He demonstrated his authority over the demonic forces as he cast them into a herd of pigs, releasing a man from his oppression and granting him faith. He now reveals his authority by healing disease and raising a girl from the dead. These miracles show Jesus’ sovereignty over nature, demons, disease and death.

When we view the power of Jesus over all things this should create in our own hearts a confident assurance that he is to be trusted in all things. Jesus cares deeply for his children. No circumstance or situation is beyond his loving care and control. We may not be able to see the end of our trials, but we are commanded to respond in faith to the difficulties we face. God always provides His grace to see us through. We may be hard pressed, but we are not defeated. Let us rest in the promises and power of our Saviour.

Please read Luke 8:40-56 and Mark 5:21-43

  1. What is unique to the Luke’s account? What is unique to Marks’ account?


Luke Mark















  1. What is the significance in the way Jairus sought out Jesus? How does his conversation with Jesus relate to his faith? How would you describe Jairus’ faith considering his position and standing within the city?
  2. This portion of Scripture is the only account in the gospels where we have a miracle within a miracle. As you read about the healing of the woman what strikes you about this account? How would this woman be viewed by the culture? Is the response of Peter surprising? What is the key to the woman being healed?
  3. How would you describe the woman’s progression of faith? What is the alternative reading for verse 8:48 (also ref. 7:50) Why do you think the statement by Jesus refers not just to physical healing?  What is the significance of Jesus calling her ‘daughter”?
  4. What is Jairus’ response to the news that his daughter has died? What is the significance of Jesus’ words to Jairus? How does Jairus respond and how is this descriptive of his faith?
  5. In what circumstances in life do you need to stop fearing what might happen, or dwell on what has happened but trust in the promises of God? What are the significant promises of God that can provide you encouragement and strength in any circumstance? (use Scripture for your answer)
  6. Why do you think Jesus commands silence in relation to this miracle? What is the significance of Peter, James and John being the only disciples in attendance?
  7. Take some time to review chapter eight. What are the things that Jesus has complete authority over? What examples of faith are evident throughout this chapter? How does this chapter give examples of what can be produced from the soil of a good heart? (8:15)


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