Identifying as a follower of Jesus, is, and always will be the minority position. At times we may waver in our commitment and even doubt our beliefs. We undergo subtle attacks and yield to anxiety and uncertainty. This experience is all too common and as we observe in Luke 7. John the Baptist exhibits concerns over the claims of Jesus as do the crowds as does the nation of Israel.
Please read Luke 7:18 – 23 and Matthew 11:1-6
1. What are the similarities and the differences in both these accounts? What is the key question that the witnesses ask? What do you think is the motivation for John asking this question? (rf. Luke 3:15-17)
2. How does Jesus see his mission? (Compare Luke 4:16-21 and Isa. 61:1-2) What are the key actions that he displays for John’s disciples to prove that he is the long-awaited fulfillment of God’s promised redemption?
3. What does verse 23 mean? What is the practical outworking of this verse for you personally?
4. When we doubt it is good to refresh our minds and hearts with the promises of Jesus. This is how Jesus strengthened and encouraged John and his disciples. Spend a few minutes outlining the promises that provide you the greatest encouragement. (Quote from Scripture these promises) How can you encourage other believers with these promises?
Please read Luke 7:24-30 and Matthew 11:7-15
5. What are the similarities and the differences in both these accounts? How does Jesus describe John and his ministry? Jesus uses and OT quote from Mal. 3:1 to affirm John’s ministry, why is this quote used? What encouragement can we take from verse 28?
6. How does Luke describe the responses by the crowd towards the promise that, those in the kingdom of God are greater than John? What do these reactions show about forgiveness and repentance?
Please read Luke 7:31-35
7. Jesus now comments on the nation of Israel. He does this by using a picture of children in the marketplace. What is Jesus’ point? (What are the warnings and the promises?


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