Good To Great Fathering Course

Almost one million Australian children are growing up in a home without their biological father. Time and research has shown that this is not the optimum environment for children to grow up in. Many children and indeed adults, carry a father-wound inflicted by careless or uninvolved fathers. Many of the men who are now fathers still feel the old wounds inflicted by their own father. The challenge is to break this generational cycle and create a better place for our children. Mothers will also reap the benefits of more involved and committed fathers. We are talking about education, support, recognition and a mutual sense of achievement for groups of men who together strive for excellence in the most important task of their lives. Men partnering together for a fathering breakthrough.

Good to Great is all about inspiring and equipping fathers to go to the next level as a dad. Every young child believes that his or her father is the best dad in the world. Good to Great is about preparing fathers to prove their children right, one family at a time.

Toolbox Parenting

Great kids need great parents and with the right tools anyone can be a great parent! Whether you are a grandparent, parenting with a partner, a sole parent, a blended or foster family Toolbox has something to offer. If you are looking for practical strategies, inspiration, encouragement and insight then a Toolbox parenting group is for you.

There are 3 courses depending on the age of your children, The early years, 0-6. Each one is run independently at different times trhough the year.

  • Contact: Dorothy Taylor
  • When: 6 Week blocks through the year
  • Where: Church

Married People

As a church our desire is to not only to defend traditional marriage and to offer support to those who’s marriages need’s extra care, but to encouraging all married people regardless of their age or life stage to keep on growing together, enjoying their married life together and glorifying God together.

Married People is a yearly program that’s built for all married people, from 1 year, all the way past 60 years of marriage experience. It’s all about equipping the two of you in your marriage to grow it together. Thought a range of couple experiences, monthly emails, small groups and large group experiences we want to encourage you to make your marriage a wonderful picture of Jesus’ love for the church.

There are 4 core habits that guide all that we do:

  1. Love God First
  2. Respect and Love
  3. Practice Your Promise
  4. Have Serious Fun

To sign up for our monthly email’s, please let Luke know and to find out when events are happening, download the 2016-2017 calendar. Married People content comes from