Taking Jesus to the Nations

Salvation comes by faith and faith is produced only by hearing the gospel. It is our heart to send Christians into all corners of the globe to care for all people and to proclaim the gospel to those who have never heard it. Not all of us are called to cross cultural mission, but, we are all called to send some and support those who are and to proclaim Christ to those around us. It is our heart to see the nations saved, to send workers into the fields and to hold the rope and support them as they go.

AMT the missions service arm of Christian Brethren churches in Australia and assists in the sending, supporting, maintaining and caring of workers who have been commended to cross-cultural service.


The Kulikovskys

Paul & Gerrah’s work involves discipling and mentoring; children’s and youth ministries, and village church planting. Paul has been involved in the Guiuan ministry since 1985. Paul & Gerrah are currently based in Australia and make periodic visits to Guiuan to provide necessary support advice to the local leadership.


Christian Youth Camps of South Australia (CYC) is a ministry of the Christian Brethren Assemblies in South Australia. Our aims are to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Scriptures, Promote and develop physical, spiritual, mental and moral welfare children, young people, educational groups and other persons, and the provision of facilities for sporting and outdoor education and to train people to acquire leadership qualifications and become better citizens. CYC operates a campsite, El Shaddai, available for use by schools, churches and community groups. CYC runs several camps throughout the year including Kids, Teens, Craft, Over 50’s, Leadership Training, Bible Teaching and Mothers & Daughters and Fathers & Sons.