Taking Jesus to the Nations

Church@paravista is committed to fulfil, in our day, the Great Commission given by Jesus to His first disciples, “to make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19-20). It is our desire to share with others the love and grace of God that we rejoice in and have received ourselves. To this end church@paravista seeks to equip its members with an understanding of the Gospel that can be shared with others and the skill and willingness to do so.

Church@paravista supports two missionary families Including Paul & Gerrah Kulikovsky – Missionaries to the Philippines

Church@paravista is associated with Australian Missionary Tidings (AMT), which is the service arm for Christian Community Churches Australia (CCCAUS) for sending, supporting and caring for full time Christian workers, missionaries and cross-cultural workers.


The Kulikovskys

Paul & Gerrah’s work involves discipling and mentoring; children’s and youth ministries, and village church planting. Paul has been involved in the Guiuan ministry since 1985. Paul & Gerrah are currently based in Australia and make periodic visits to Guiuan to provide necessary support advice to the local leadership.


Church@paravista is an active participant in Christian camping through its association with CYC. Christian Youth Camps of South Australia is a ministry of the Christian Brethren Assemblies in South Australia. In South Australia, CYC operates the El Shaddai Camp Site at Wellington. This campsite provides Christian camping that is available to schools, churches and community groups.

CYC also runs its own camping programme each year to provide camps for everyone, including Kids’ Camps, Teen Camps, Craft Camps, Over 50’s Camps, Leadership Training Camps, Bible Teaching Camps, Mothers & Daughters Camps and Father & Son Camps.