Listed below are a selection ministries that we endorse as a church. Many of those in our congregation spend time and talents serving the Kingdom in these areas. You’ll hear more details about each of these from time to time in our services, at info nights and in emails.

CYC Camps

Christian Youth Camps of South Australia (CYC) is a ministry of the Christian Brethren Assemblies in South Australia. Our aims are to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the teaching of the Scriptures, Promote and develop physical, spiritual, mental and moral welfare children, young people, educational groups and other persons, and the provision of facilities for sporting and outdoor education and to train people to acquire leadership qualifications and become better citizens. CYC operates a campsite, El Shaddai, available for use by schools, churches and community groups. CYC runs several camps throughout the year including Kids, Teens, Craft, Over 50’s, Leadership Training, Bible Teaching and Mothers & Daughters and Fathers & Sons.

Container of Hope

The purpose of Container of Hope (COH) is to send 40″ shipping containers full of donated and recycled goods to assist poor and vulnerable communities. We seek to bridge the gap between needy communities elsewhere with communities here who have too much.

We work in partnership with sponsors who are usually a part of an organisation in Australia or overseas that has a contact with an overseas project who are in need of items, either for the project or to distribute to a community in need.

Operation Christmas Child

Pack a shoe box gift each year to bless children in need around the world. Pastors around the world then host shoe box distributions in places where people may not know Christ and invite them to follow Him. In many areas, they also receive The Greatest Gift, a Gospel story booklet Samaritan’s Purse developed for shoe box recipients. After receiving shoe box gifts, many children are invited back to participate in The Greatest Journey. As a result of what they learn, boys and girls grow in Christ and share Him with others. Families are reached, churches grow, new churches are started, and communities are transformed.