Our children and youth ministries are about equipping the next generation with the knowledge and love of Jesus.
It is our desire to see children and youth at chuch@paravista love Jesus and understand that Jesus loves them.


Playgroup is an informal, loosely structured time where children and their parents can meet together in a friendly, safe environment to play and socialise. The activities offered by Playgroup are varied and alternated each week.
Playgroup encourages children to choose, explore and learn. The activities allow children to experience tasks that involve fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development and social skills.

  • Contact: Michelle Deards
  • Ages: New Born – 4 Years
  • Time: Wednesday’s 9:30am – 11:30am
  • Where: Room A

Sunday School

Children up to the age of 12 are welcome to join SAMS to interact together through games, Bible teaching, singing, crafts and activities. SAMS provides a fun and safe environment using stories, puppets, and activities for children to learn about Christianity and how Jesus loves them. SAMS runs at the same time as the 10AM Sunday church service, each week of the school term.

During the school holidays parents are encouraged to bring children into the church service so they can worship with them. There are children friendly packs available during this time to assist families.


church@paravista Youth Ministries are all about supporting and equipping teenagers as they transition to adulthood. The teenage years can set the course for the rest of life and if influenced by Jesus, will lead to a rewarding and meaningful life.

The main youth event happens on Friday night from 6pm and consists of 2 key programs, YUK (Youth Under Konstruction) and Moxies (Moxie; force of character, determination, or nerve). Young people and their families are encouraged to attend church services at 10am or 6pm. It is a great joy to see different generations gather together under the name of Jesus for worship and teaching.


YUK (Youth Under Konstruction) is the youth group for young people in grade 7 to grade 12. It meets every Friday night of the school term with different activities, games, camps, out-nights, adventures and crazy challenges. Each week we have a short, relevant Bible devotion that challenges the youth to think about Jesus and what life is like living for Him and with Him. All of the events start and finish from the church, and cost $6 or $7 to attend. Nights where the group goes out (out-nights) require participants to register, so that there is enough transport.


Moxies takes young people more deeply into what life with Jesus is like and how they can live to honour and glorify God. Our desire is to encourage young people to love Jesus and pursue a life devoted to glorifying God. Moxies encourages young people to read the Bible, pray, share their faith and be part of the wider church community.
At Moxies, small groups meet together to encourage and learn more about Jesus and how to live to serve and worship Him.

Junior Youth

Meeting on the first and third Sunday of the month, during the 10am Sunday service, Junior Youth caters for youth in grades 7-9.

For Junior Youth, an individual or small group study guide, called 20 Basic Beliefs, can be downloaded from:

Young Adults

Young Adults is for those who have finished High School. Weekly and monthly events, discipleship and church engagement all help to build a community of active young adults as followers of Jesus Christ.