Our children and youth ministries are about equipping the next generation with the knowledge and love of Jesus.
It is our desire to see children and youth at church@paravista love Jesus and understand that Jesus loves them.

School Holiday Program “KSHOP”

K-Shop School Holiday Program will be conducted 20-22 April 2022.  Refer to the following for further details and booking:

High Seas Adventure 2022

Sunday School “SAMS”

Our Sunday School (SAMS) program is scheduled every Sunday at 10AM starting in the Church service before moving out to age based classes.

SAMS is available for children up to the age of 12. Join SAMS to interact together through games, Bible teaching, singing, crafts and activities. SAMS provides a fun and safe environment using stories, puppets, and activities for children to learn about Christianity and how Jesus loves them. SAMS is held at the same time as the Sunday church service, each week of the school term.

Youth Ministries “PV Youth”

church@paravista Youth Ministries are all about supporting and equipping teenagers as they transition to adulthood. The teenage years can set the course for the rest of life and if influenced by Jesus, will lead to a rewarding and meaningful life.