God Wants Your Best In Service

September 30, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

This week is the second in our study on Malachi. Read Malachi 3:6-18. 1. Knowing your true condition in your walk with the Lord What did God say was the true condition of His people at that time in their relationship and walk with Him? How did they see themselves? What things contributed to their
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Giving God your best In Worship

September 23, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Today is the first of two studies from Malachi: “Giving God Your Best in Worship.”  1. Introduction The book of Malachi was written approximately 430 B.C. and was the last recorded words of the Lord before Christ came. Read Malachi 1:1-14. What does Malachi 1:1 tell us about the true Author of this book? What is
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Defining, Describing and Doing Prayer

September 15, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Spend some time thinking through, discussing and defining prayer. What does our culture think of prayer and how does this differ or accord with the Christian view? Consider the follow in your discussion: Prayer is the most common faith practice in the West. Prayer beings the session of parliament in Australia. It’s often heard out
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Facing Forgiveness

September 8, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Think through the following as you begin: Would you agree that one of the hardest things todo when someone really hurts you – either by their words or actions – is forgiving them? Work through the following as a group or individual, taking the time to read each passage. What did Jesus mean when in
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Fatherhood of God

September 3, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Read about the father in Luke 15:11-20. What observations can you make about this father? Are there any aspects of this father that are transferrable to fatherhood today? In our society today, the role of fatherhood & respect for fathers are under serious threat. Discuss: Why is this so? Where do we get our understanding
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Learning to Trust God in all circumstances

August 25, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

1. Introduction Discuss in your group the process of learning something new. What attitude do we need to have? What are some principles we need to follow, eg: How to handle failures and disappointment, staying focused, being willing to be uncomfortable for a while, listening and learning from the right sources, etc. How many others
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