1. Purity

It is often assumed that ‘purity’ is a particular concern for singles and that it means abstaining from sex until marriage, but the NT presents a call to everyone to be pure.

Read and discuss the following:

Purity generally Mt. 5:8Phil. 1:9-11, Romans 13:13,

Purity specifically sexual, 1 Cor. 6:18-20, Eph. 5:3; 1 Th. 4:3-7.

Discuss what purity means for marrieds as well as singles. Identify some specific ways in which married people should keep their marriages pure, and identify some ways that single people can be pure, and remain pure.

2. Views of marriage vs singleness.

Discuss feedback from Mark’s sermon including the following.

There are 35 single women, 22 single men which equals one third of churchatpv adult membership.

Two types.

1. Single before marriage,

2. Single after marriage.

What are some reasons people are single? How should those who don’t want to be, view singleness when they may feel some of the following….

  • “Marriage is the NORM and church focus is on families”
  • “Romantic love is the most important”
  • “Singleness feels second class”,
  • “That life has passed me by”,
  • “I am missing or have missed out”,
  • “I have been cheated in some way.”
  • “Marriage the main be-all and end-all of life?”

Warped Theology…

  • “As soon as you are satisfied with God alone, He’ll bring someone into your life.”
  • “You’re too picky.”
  • “As a single you can commit yourself wholeheartedly to the Lord’s work.”
  • “Before you can marry someone wonderful the Lord has to make you someone wonderful.”
  • “It is impossible to be a mature Christian without being married.”

3. Discuss lessons from a single woman unable to find a suitable partner.

a. Pain is part of the deal of living in a fallen world- but remember that God will achieve His good purposes through you.

b. Don’t let your need for companionship make you forget your greatest need, which is knowing Christ. Marriage is not the ultimate loving relationship, but a reflection of that which is.

c. Despite common perceptions, your married friends are not necessarily in relationship paradise. Think of their situation as “different” not “better”.

d. When you are feeling needy, keep on giving.

e. Do a David! In Psalm 55 David pours out his heart to God while expressing his trust in Him.

4. Matt. 19:1-12 is primarily about divorce and remarriage but at the end of the passage, Jesus talks about eunuchs – usually men – who were single because of a physical impairment resulting from a birth defect or war, but there were also some who had chosen to remain single for the sake of the kingdom. In 1 Cor. 7:25-35 Paul gives some reasons for staying single. What are these reasons? Are they still relevant for us today and should we encourage people to follow them? Why or why not?

5. In the sermon, it was suggested that everyone expresses their sexuality through emotional and social interactions with other people (both men and women) but that only married couples can engage in erotic and physical expressions of sexuality (i.e. having sex), which leaves singles wondering whether there is any way that they can express their sexuality in a physical way. If sexuality can be expressed in emotional and social ways, is it necessary to also express it in a physical way? In what ways can sexuality be expressed physically besides the act of sex?

6. What is the difference (if any) between a ‘Christian single’ and a ‘single Christian’? What part of each term is determinative and what part is descriptive? Do you see a benefit in using one term over the other?

7. It was suggested in the sermon that:

  • “marriage expresses the divine will to form a close community of fellowship on the basis of exclusive love and fidelity to a covenant, while….
  • singleness presents an image of the universal, non-exclusive, and expanding nature of divine love that seeks to encompass all of humanity in the relationship of community.”

Discuss this suggestion. Do you agree or disagree? Why or why not?

8. What are the implications of the sermon’s message for you personally?

If you are married:

  • What will you do to keep your marriage strong and pure?
  • How will you develop relationships with singles that will be helpful both to them and to you?

If you are single:

  • How has the sermon challenged you and what changes will you make in your interactions with others, both other singles and married couples?

9. Mark’s closing words: Sunday Service, 6th June 2021 – YouTube 1:28:00 – 1:33:00


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