Gospel of Luke. Lesson Seven – “The Called, The Blessed” by Nathan Potts.

March 23, 2021 By: Category: Bible Study

Jesus has and will always cut to the inner being of the human heart. His first instructions to the newly formed discipleship group is to announce that true righteousness is not determined by an outward practice but by an inward heart transformation. Read Luke 6:12-19 1. What was the process Jesus went through to call
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The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry: Opposition and Acceptance (Part 2) Luke 5:1-26 Mark Kulikovsky

March 6, 2021 By: Category: Bible Study

  Share with other people in the group God’s calling of you to faith in Jesus. What led up to it? Who was involved? What happened? What impact did it have on your life? Talk about your confrontation with the person and claims of Jesus, the acknowledgement of your sin and unworthiness, and the areas
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