1. Share with other people in the group God’s calling of you to faith in Jesus. What led up to it? Who was involved? What happened? What impact did it have on your life? Talk about your confrontation with the person and claims of Jesus, the acknowledgement of your sin and unworthiness, and the areas in which God has now called you to serve.
  2. Discuss the appropriate attitude that Christians should have towards possessions using the following passages from Luke’s Gospel: Luke 5:11; 14:33; 18:22; 19:1-10; 4:38-39; 7:34; 8:1-3; 16:13; 18:24. See also Luke 12:13-21; 16:14, 19-31; 18:18-23.
  3. What the Bible calls ‘leprosy’ is actually not what we know as leprosy today (Hansen’s Disease). It was a generic term for a variety of skin diseases. What losses would this disease have caused for the leprous man?
  4. The accounts of the healing of the man with leprosy (Luke 5:12-14) and the paralysed man (Luke 5:17-26) are paralleled in Matthew and Mark. Identify the similarities and differences between the accounts and see what additional information you can discover about these incidents.
The Man with Leprosy (Mt. 8:2-4; Mk. 1:40-44; Lk. 5:12-16) The Paralysed Man (Mt. 9:2-8; Mk. 2:3-12; Lk. 5:17-26)
















  1. From your own experience, or that of people you know, identify and share some of the practical out-workings you have seen of ‘release’ and ‘restoration. Consider both spiritual and physical aspects – e.g. forgiveness, reconciliation, purpose and meaning, restoration of health, release from demonic activity, family reunions and reconciliations , restoration to society, usefulness.
  2. What are some practical ways in which we can reach out to the marginalised in our society? What groups do you know about who are doing this? Have you considered supporting or joining them?
  3. What place does solitude and prayer play in your life? Luke records Jesus at prayer nine times (Luke 3:21; 5:16; 6:12; 9:18, 28f.; 10:21f.; 11:1; 22:41ff.; 23:46) with 7 of these occasions unique to Luke’s account. Identify the occasions when Jesus prays. What do we learn about the importance of prayer in Jesus’ life? (See also Jesus’ exhortations to prayer – Luke 6:28; 11:2; 22:40, 46).


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