On Sunday Luke asked the question: “What is awesomeness? What is greatness?” How would you answer?

Discuss in your group the following:

Where is the world’s emphasis in the following areas? Eg: sport, fashion, business/career, media/social media, possessions (home, cars, etc), where we live? What do our friends say?

So what is great, truly great? How can we know? Who do we listen to?

How do we define what greatness is and what it looks like?

Read Mark 9:30-37.

  • What was the disciple’s view of greatness?
  • Why do you think they were silent when Jesus asked them what they were discussing? As a disciple how would have you felt?
  • What was Jesus answer as to what true greatness is?
  • What was the significance of what Jesus did in Mark 9:36-37? What was he teaching His disciples about what greatness is? (Keep in mind that they lived in a society where children were treated as second-class citizens) See also Mark 10:13-16.
  • What does this teach us about how we should treat others? See also James 2:1-7.

Jesus’ Example

Read Mark 10:35-45. Discuss the following:

  • Why were the other disciples indignant? Should they have been? What does this tell us about the attitude of all the disciples including James and John about greatness?
  • What did Jesus say about the world’s view?
  • What was Jesus’ attitude and actions? What did Paul say about Jesus in Philippians 2:5-11?

The Source of a Servants Heart

Consider the following from Paul Tripp:

Sin fills us with a desire for our own greatness; sin presses us into the center of our universe; sin does make it all about us. You could argue that the most seductive idol of idols is the idol of self. That’s why it feels so good to win an argument; that’s why it feels so good to tell the best story; that’s why it feels good to drive a better car than your neighbor; that’s why it feels good to step over somebody as you walk up the ladder of success.  Because somehow, sin causes you to forget God, to forget the reason that you were given breath, and to put yourself in the one place that you and I must never be – the center of our world. Somehow, someway, all of us do it!

Serving is the outworking of a ‘servants heart’. Where do we as Christians receive and begin developing this ‘heart’ to want to serve and bless others?

With the words above in mind, consider the following two illustrations.



With the Holy Spirit on the throne of our hearts what is the fruit and what are the results of self being in control? Discuss the futility of trying to serve in our own strength.

Further Points on Greatness and Serving

Consider and discuss in your group the difference between the worlds and God’s emphasis in the following:

  • Outward vs. inner beauty. Read 1 Peter 3:1-8.(wives, husbands, all Christians)
  • The way we respond when we are treated wrongly. Romans 12:19-21, 1 Peter 3:9. Especially discuss the principle in Romans 12:21.
  • According to John 13:34-35, 17:20-23 how will the world know we are Jesus’ disciples?
  • Read John 13:12-17. What does ‘washing each others’ feet mean? What are some practical examples of this?


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