1. God’s Discipline.

How do you view God’s discipline? Do you see it as positive or negative or a combination of both?
Consider and discuss Danny’s comment:

How we understand discipline and process it is key here.

Read Hebrews 12:1-12 and answer the following about God’s discipline:
• What are the encouraging words referred to in v.5-6?

• What does it tell us about how God is treating us?

• What is its purpose and result?

• How should we respond?

• If your view of God’s discipline was largely negative do you see it any differently now? Share with your group.

When you are somewhere you’re not supposed to be,
Doing something you’re not supposed to be doing,
Or with someone you’re not supposed to be with,
Then you will get a consequence you’re not supposed to have!

2. God’s Mercy.

What does ‘God’s Mercy’ mean for:
• The one giving it?

• The one receiving it?

How does God have mercy on us?

What do the following tell us about God, His mercy and how we can respond to it?
• Lamentations 3:22-23.

• Ephesians 2:4-5.

• Isaiah 55:7.

• Hebrews 4:16.

• Titus 3:5.

• Romans 12:1.

• Matthew 9:13

How did David view God’s mercy when he had sinned as:
• Leader of Israel? 2 Samuel 24:10-17.

• Personally? Psalm 51:1-7?

Following is from Danny’s message. Consider them and as a group discuss them. Then choose one or two which personally mean the most to you and share why with the rest of your group.

But I need to tell you something, I have good news that you need to hear, it’s not my news – its Gods news for you.

  • Mercy is the theme of Gods story.
  • Mercy is the thread that runs through all of the Bible.
  • Mercy is the reason why Jesus came.
  • Mercy is what your desperate heart needs.
  • Mercy is the healer your relationships need.
  • Mercy is what gives you comfort in weakness, and hope in times of trial.
  • Mercy can do what the law is powerless to do.
  • Mercy not only meets you in your struggle, but guarantees that someday your struggle will end.
  • Mercy is what the sin broken world groans for.
  • Mercy triumphs where justice can’t.
  • If God only offered us justice, no one would run to Him.
  • It is the knowledge of His mercy that makes us honestly face ourselves, and gladly run to Him.
  • And it is mercy that we sing about and will celebrate it for eternity.

3. Human Fatherhood.

It is much easier to become a Father than to be one.

And this being Father’s Day, it is also a good opportunity for those, who are Fathers, mentors, uncles, grandfathers, children or youth leaders, and I will also add mothers who are doing their best to be a Father figure to their child because the father is absent in body or emotion– to look at how they are tracking in this area.

What do you think are the three most important things men should know and be regarding fatherhood?
Below are snippets from the three main points Danny spoke about on Sunday.
Consider and discuss in your group each point and how it relates to you and your family. What benefits will they be if they are put into practice or results if neglected?

A. Love your wife.
Men, the godly call we have, is to lead well in our families and this starts with our wives.
Your wife, next to God, should be the apple of your eye.
Among a number of things to remember are romance, flowers, hearing and feeling that you love her.
And that your interest in her is because of who she is, not what she can give you.
Remember Love is not a feeling, it is an action, which then results in the feeling.
You should love your wife more than your kids, your hobbies, your job, your passions, your money, your car, your boat, your pride and especially any other woman.
If you truly love them, they will have your time, your attention, your ear, your love, your affection, your money, your heart, your prayers, your emotion, they deserve your- everything.
When was the last time, you were on your knees in prayer, fighting like a true man of God, for the well-being of your woman?
Show me a second rate wife and leading them is generally a second grade husband.
B. Love your child.
No matter how old they are, they are always your children.
You need to invest in them with your time, teaching them by living life with them?
Go on camping trips, holidays (doesn’t have to be extravagant) day trips, fishing, walking, bike riding, if they like the video games you hate – play them with them, join in on board games, Stop, listen and learn about them, ask questions about their day, get off your phone and get into real life, take them to Bunnings with you, service the car with you, watch a sport they are involved with and cheer them on, take time off of work to see them dressed up for book week, discover their love language.
Men – it’s amazing how we find time for the things that are important to us, and not the things that are important to them!
I often ask myself, when my kids, God willing, have kids of their own, will they want to parent in the way I did, in the way they observed, in the way I held their hearts, or will they look at their time with me in the home and say – gosh there is no way I want to be like my Dad?
C. Are you a Father Coach?
Are you fun or boring, serious or silly, reactive or proactive, a coach or a lecturer, are you passing the baton on to them or hitting them with it?
Does your child feel like you are in their corner, that you have their back, that you are their biggest fan, and regularly give them encouragement and praise?
Every child is wanting a Father to be a coach, an inspirational leader, a trusted mentor, their biggest fan, their greatest comfort.
They need security, warmth, opportunities, an example of how to live, experience of success and encouragement to fulfil their potential.
Father Coach –
• Confident and calm,
• Regularly has fun,
• Loves unconditionally,
• Stops and thinks before acting,
• Celebrates and encourages,
• Loving yet firm,
• Honours feelings,
• Sees a mistake as opportunities to learn,
• Has predictable routines,
• Shows affection.

And I trust that, the very foundation of who and what you are, should be firmly planted in your faith and forgiveness in the Lord Jesus Christ.

And that you will be, and lead your family to be, Christ centred, Christ purposed so that each of you can accomplish all that Christ has planned for you.
If you would like to improve your skills in Fathering, I would like to highly recommend the online Courageous Fathering Course. See Phil Crocker. He has broachers about it.
May the Lord bless you as you become a Father worth imitating and spending time with!



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