Senior Pastor / Associate Pastor Role

Following the appointment, by the Elders of church@paravista, of George Sears (Dr) as the Senior Pastor (part-time), in October 2017, it was the intention, at a suitable subsequent time, to begin the process to seek the appointment of a long-term, full-time Senior Pastor. In fellowship with George (and Associate Pastor Danny Lanthois), the Elders believe that now, in April 2019 is a suitable time for this process to begin. George is available and happy to continue as the Senior Pastor until the Elders are confident of the Lord’s provision of a suitable replacement.

A Pastoral Search Committee, established by the Elders from a cross-section of church members, will oversee the initial application process, and short-list 3 or 4 candidates for the Elders to consider, either for the role of Senior Pastor, if a suitable applicant is identified, or alternatively, to a role as an Associate Pastor.

The appointment of an Associate Pastor would be someone whom the Elders’ believe could develop into the Senior Pastor role, given time and guidance. In this case, George would continue in the role as Senior Pastor to provide the necessary time, support and guidance to transition the Associate Pastor into the role of Senior Pastor at an appropriate time.

For more information and appropriate application forms, please follow the links below.

Download Application Forms

Role Descriptions (Online PDF)

Application Form (Download Word Document)