When Adam and Eve decided to disobey the word of God, they made a decision that changed not only their whole life but the history of the human race. It was a decision that should have been easy to get right. It came down to deciding whose word should be trusted—the word that came through the serpent or the word that came directly from God. The Evil One, speaking through the serpent, caused Eve to question the word of God by putting doubts in her mind about the goodness and generosity of God. This matter of responding authoritatively to God’s word is still a vital matter and one that continues to have varied responses to this very day.

Please read Genesis 3:1-6

  1. How is the serpent described? What is unusual about this serpent? What is the serpent’s view of God? Please read 1 John 2:15-17 – describe how the serpent used the strategies of  1 John 2:16 to deceive Eve.
  2. As you have thought about the strategies used by the devil in temptation (1 John 2:16) consider what causes you to be tempted. How do you overcome these temptations? What strategies do you put in place to realize the promise of 1 Cor. 10:13 and Heb. 4:14-16?

Please read Genesis 3:7-13

  1. What is at the core of this original sin? Who has committed this sin? According to these verse’s what are the results of this sin?

Please read Genesis 3:14-24

  1. How does the Lord God respond towards Adam and Eve? What is the result of their disobedience? (Outline the results to Eve and then to Adam) What is the ultimate punishment for this act of disobedience?
  2. What is the meaning of the curse that is placed upon the serpent especially as outlined in Genesis 3:15? Why does this curse/prophecy have such significance?
  3. How does the Lord God’s act in Genesis 3:21, and what does this signify?
  4. What does the banishment from the garden/paradise signify?
  5. In light of what we have observed in Genesis 3, read Romans 5:12-21 and explain how God has fulfilled the promises of Genesis 3:16. Spend some time thanking God for his gracious provision of redemption.






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