Fiona Thomas (Cambodia, DPG Day 7)
Pray for Fiona as she waits patiently for a flight back home later in the year.

Stephen and Lorraine Cavill (QLD, DPG Day 8)
Pray for the families of those in the Longreach area who have died from vehicular accidents in recent months. Pray for J who is paraplegic, but is recovering well in Brisbane, and will have a modified car in Longreach. Pray for J & G to be open to the gospel. The wife has a serious cancer. Pray for C who is a student at one of the schools that Stephen has visited to teach RI. Pray that C’s interest in and his understanding of the gospel continues to grow. Praise God the Cessna has been serviced and the Jabiru is flying well. Pray for Stephen’s safety during his flights, including the one to Bundy for the Jabiru’s upcoming service. Pray for the end of the drought, and for opportunities to share the gospel with people receiving drought relief.

David and Julie Ward (Philippines, DPG Day 10)
David and Julie are doing well after their return to Australia. Julie has started work as a carer at McCall Gardens, a group home for adults with mental and physical disabilities. David is engaging in discipleship, pastoral care, evangelism and administration of the sports centre at Riverstone. Pray for them in this new phase of their lives.

Wesley and Esther (Restricted Access, DPG Day 23)
Praise God for opportunity to be involved in a small Darwin congregation, mostly of women. Pray for the Mamit Bible School which has recommenced with about 54 students. Pray for those affected by the increasing numbers of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the area.

Carol Luttah (CBM PNG)
Pray for Carol as she trusts God for improved sales across all the CBM bookshops. Thank God for protecting the staff and their families during the pandemic. Pray for healing of Carol’s neck.

CORRECTION (apologies for email typo): An online Mission Awareness Program was held on 30 August—email (MAP as subject) to register and get the link, which is valid for 2 weeks. The speakers are Ian & Leann Buckley (Restricted Access), Lyndel Clancy (Restricted Access), Walter & Gabrielle Wetzel (ex-PNG, CBM), and Jason & Kim Job (ex-Timor-Leste, MAF, in transition to Mareeba).


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