Towards Belief follows Australian pastor and host, Karl Faase as he travels to the UK, USA and Australia to interview more than thirty leading authors, speakers and academics as they seek to defuse the top belief blockers of our time. This series responds to the questions of the seeker and clarifies the answers for the Christian.

In 2011, Olive Tree Media commissioned social researchers, McCrindle Research to look into the religious and spiritual beliefs of modern Australians, and specifically what issues turned them off Christian faith and the Church. The research clarified the belief blockers – the reasons many people have lost confidence in the Church and its message. This research formulated the topics of each of the episodes for Towards Belief.

Topics include:

  • Suffering
  • The bible
  • Supernatural
  • Religious violence
  • Exclusive faith
  • Church abuse
  • Science & God
  • Homosexuality
  • The church

Small group resources and handouts will be available each week (August 16th – October 18th 2015 at our 5PM service), or you can download them from


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