True Greatness

March 17, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Introduction On Sunday Luke asked the question: “What is awesomeness? What is greatness?” How would you answer? Discuss in your group the following: Where is the world’s emphasis in the following areas? Eg: sport, fashion, business/career, media/social media, possessions (home, cars, etc), where we live? What do our friends say? So what is great, truly
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Committed Followers of Jesus Christ

February 23, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

How have you responded to receiving a gift that just blew you away, that you really valued or appreciated? Did it inspire you to repay the giver in some way, or pay it forward? Why or why not? It was suggested in the sermon that the greatest gift we have received is God’s grace. Do
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The fruit of Faith

August 29, 2015 By: Category: Bible Study

The Fruit of Faith: Service Mark Kulikovsky – 30th August 2015 The message on Sunday focused on service as the fruit of faith; it was argued that genuine faith is always accompanied by action or good works, one form of which is serving God and the Christian community by being active in good works in
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What does God want from me?

July 25, 2015 By: Category: Bible Study

This week’s study is titled…. “What does God want from me?” As you reflect on what Dave shared on Sunday were there any things which spoke to you? Share with others in your group. 1. Have you seriously pondered these questions? ‘What does God want from me?’ ‘What is God really looking for?’ ‘What is
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Christ Calls Disciples & Ministers

May 24, 2014 By: Category: Bible Study

HOME GROUP QUESTIONS (forth week in May) This week we look at Matthew 4:18-25. Tolly spoke on…. ‘Christ calls Disciples and Ministers’ Read these accounts, Matthew 4:18-22; Matthew 10:1-4; John 1:35-51 1. What minimum qualifications do you need to follow Jesus? 2. To what specific ministry did Jesus call the disciples? 3. Ask yourself…. ‘How
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