HOME GROUP QUESTIONS (Second week in May)

Last Sunday Trevor’s message was….

‘What is the Gospel of the Kingdom?’

What does this mean…. ‘The Gospel of the Kingdom?’

We have two main words to consider…. Gospel and Kingdom.

1. Gospel.

After his baptism and temptation in the wilderness Jesus began to preach.

Read what he preached in Matthew 4:17 and compare John the Baptist message in Matthew 3:2. Consider also Matt.4:23.

Should we be preaching the same message today? Give reasons for your answer.

Read what Paul said in Romans 1:16.

Put in your own words the essence of what v.17 is saying


How would you explain the Gospel to an unsaved person?

2. Kingdom.

Discuss in your group what ‘Kingdom’ means.

Do you agree that to have a kingdom there needs to be a king who has his subjects/servants who live under his rule?

This idea of Kingship is a theme which runs through the whole Bible.

Read what Israel asked for in 1Samuel 8:4-9, 19-21. Who were they rejecting to be their King?

After God rejected Saul as Israel’s first king, who did he choose to replace him? 1 Samuel 16:12-13.

Read Psalm 132:11-12. What was God’s promise to King David?

When Peter preached on the day of Pentecost what was one thing he want his hearers to know about Jesus in Acts 2:30, 33a, 36?

In his vision what name did John see written on Jesus robe? Revelations 19:16.

What do you think Jesus was wanting to communicate to his listeners when he preached ‘….the Kingdom of Heaven is near’?

(The ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ has the same meaning as the ‘Kingdom of God’ in Mark and Luke. Matthew uses this phrase because the Jews, out of their intense reverence and respect, did not pronounce God’s name.)

The Pharisees asked Jesus….‘When will the Kingdom of God come?’

Read Jesus answer to them in Luke 17:20-21.

Read also what Jesus said the Kingdom of God is like. Luke 13:18-21.

How does someone enter God’s Kingdom and be saved?

Read Jesus’ answer to his disciples when they asked ‘…. Who in the world can be saved.’ Mark 10:23-27.

What else did Jesus say in John 6:44-45 and what is necessary to receive eternal life v47?

In John 1:12 what do we read is synonymous with believing.

According to the Hebrews when is the best time to do this? Heb 4;7a?

What is one of the things that would stop someone? v.7b.

Jesus spoke in the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ Matthew Chapters 5-7 about many things.

In Chpt.6:25-34 His message focused on trusting God to provide for our needs (rather than worrying).

In v33 He concludes by saying ‘Seek the Kingdom of God above all else…’

Discuss in your group what this means and how do we put this into practice in our day to day living. Include specific examples of how you will or already are doing this. Are their areas you struggle with?

As a group bring these to God in your prayer time and during the coming week remember to pray for your fellow brothers and sisters.


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