Understanding Your Calling

1. In Philippians 3:14 Paul refers to the Christian calling as the “High calling of God in Christ Jesus”, or some versions have, “upward call”. What do these ways of referring to Christian calling communicate to you about your calling?

2. A suggested definition for a CALL isan invitation to commit to someone who calls for the purpose to which they issued the call.” What two aspects of a call are indicated in this definition

3. Consider Dr Joseph Stowell’s comment that,

Following is the beginning & the end of what it means to be a Christian. Everything in between is measured by it.

4. Think of what examples of the life of faith that are “measured” by the idea of “following”, as the response that the Christian makes to the call to Christian discipleship.

5. What aspects of Christian calling do you think have prompted Os Guinness to suggest that “Calling is the essence of Christian existence”?

6. What are the implications of Matthew 10:37-39 and Matthew 16:24-27 to the issue of Christian calling?

7. There are two aspects to the calling of the Christian – A Primary Call (salvation & sanctification)  & a Secondary Call (service). What are the essential distinctions between the Christian’s Primary Call and Secondary Call?

8. What is the implication of Colossians 3:17 for your understanding of the Secondary Call of the Christian?

9. What is the relationship between the Christian’s Primary Call and Secondary Call?

10. Os Guinness said, “Instead of, “you are what you do”, calling says, “do what you are.” How does this assist with the understanding of Christian Calling?



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