This week’s study is titled….

“The Blind Man Healed and His Testimony”

1. Introduction.

Read John 9:1-41.

What things strike you most as you consider the blind man and his experiences?

Share your thoughts with your group.

2. People’s Reactions to Jesus, His miracle and the Pharisees.

Let’s look at the four different reactions to Jesus.

A. The Neighbors.

Re-read John 9:8-14.

Discuss the following….

· What got their attention about the man?

· What did they ask him?

· How did he answer?

· What did they do and why?

B. The Pharisees.

Re-read John 9:15-34.and discuss the following questions.

As they questioned the man several times,

· What were the different things they asked him?

· What divided them in the beginning?

· What were they trying to prove about Jesus and His miracle and why?

· Why do you think they reacted to the man in the end so badly?

C. The Parents.

Discuss the parent’s response to the Pharisee’s questions and their fear based answer. John 9:19-23.

D. The Healed Man.

Discuss the man’s response each time he was asked to explain what had happened. John 9:11,15, 25.

What is the simple principle he followed?

What can you learn/be reminded of from this to help you answer those who ask you about your faith? Read 1Peter 3:15-16.

How did the man respond to questions he didn’t know the answer to? John 9:12, 25.

What happened to his faith the more it was tested yet under the persecution of the Pharisee’s he stood strong for the Truth he knew? Consider 1Peter 1:6-7.

As Jesus revealed who He was to the man what was his response? John 9:38.

E. Your Response.

As you read and considered this story and how the once blind man shared his faith as he had opportunity what have you learned/been reminded of to apply to your witness for Jesus Christ?

Are there things that you allow to stop you?

Can you relate to the parent’s fear?

Have you been lacking confidence about how to answer people’s questions and what to share?

Consider and discuss Daniel’s words from Sunday’s message…..

“The Pharisees were trying to argue with the man about theology, the fact that they couldn’t reconcile that Jesus would break the Sabbath to heal someone. The man couldn’t argue with their theology, couldn’t get them to see reason by convincing them that only someone from God would do something like this. Even some of the Pharisees had that opinion. But what the man could do was tell them about his experience; no one could argue against that. The man’s simple statement, “I was blind, and now I can see”, that speaks strongest about the power of God. Likewise, I think we all have the responsibility to be witnesses to the power of God displayed in our own lives; and as a bonus, the fact that it is a personal firsthand experience of God’s power that we are testifying to, it gives it more credibility.”

Finish in a time of prayer speaking together with the Lord about the things you have discussed in this study and how to ensure you are applying them and being an effective witness to God’s power in your lives.


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