1. Review

This is the fifth study on the ‘Basics of Christianity’.

Let’s review the last study on man’s situation as a sinner. Answer the following:

  • What happened when Adam and Eve disobeyed God and sinned? Genesis 2:16-17, 3:17-19.
  • How did their actions effect all of their offspring? Romans 5:12, 3:23, Ephesians 2:1-3.
  • What does “falling short of God’s glory” mean? What is God’s standard?
  • Read Isaiah 6:1-7. Consider the following:

Seeing the Lord and listening to the praise of the angels, Isaiah realized that he was sinful before God, with no hope of measuring up to God’s standard of holiness. When Isaiah’s lips were touched with a live burning coal, however, he was told that his sins were forgiven. It wasn’t the coal that cleansed him but God…. #

Discuss how Isaiah felt after seeing a vision of God. Isaiah 6:5.

  • Read Luke 5:8-10. After Jesus had performed a miracle and Peter had an insight into who Jesus was what was his response? Luke 5:8
  • Read Romans 3:9-12. Discuss the following:

Romans 3:5-8. Some may think they don’t have to worry about sin because (1) it’s God’s job to forgive: (2) God is so loving that He won’t judge: (3) sin isn’t that bad-it teaches valuable lessons: or (4) we need to stay in touch with the culture around us. It is far too easy to take God’s Grace for granted. But God cannot over look sin. No matter how many excuses they make, sinners will have to answer to God for their sin. #

Romans 3:10-12. Paul is referring to Psalm 14:1-3. ‘No one is righteous’ means ‘no one is innocent’. Every person is valuable in God’s eyes because God created us in His image, and He loves us. But no one is good enough (that is no one can earn a right standing with God). Though we are valuable, we have fallen into sin. But God, through Jesus His Son, has redeemed us and others to forgive us if we turn to Him in faith. #

  • What will happen when each person dies? Hebrews 9:27.
  • How do you feel knowing that one day you have to stand before God who is holy and perfect to be judged for how you have lived your life here on earth?

2. God’s Solution to Mankind’s Situation

Answer the following about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

  • How and why was Jesus born? Matthew 1:18-21.
  • When Jesus was about to be begin His earthly mission at His baptism what did His Heavenly Father say about Him? Matthew 3:13-17.
  • As Jesus time to be crucified came near what did He do? Luke 9:51.
  • What did He tell His disciples? Luke 18:31-34.
  • Imagine the struggle he went through as He knew what awaited Him later that night and the next day. Matthew 26:36-46.
  • Read about Jesus crucifixion and death. Matthew 27:26-56.
  • What were Jesus last words before He died? John 19:28-30.

Discuss in your group the following:

The word finished is the same as ‘paid in full’. Jesus came to finish God’s work of salvation….Jesus took all sin upon Himself. Now we can freely approach God because of what Jesus did for us. Those who believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection can live eternally with God and escape the penalty that comes from sin. #

3. Jesus’ Burial

Read and discuss the things that happened after Jesus died.

a. Matthew 27:51-56.

b. Mark 15:42-27.

c. Matthew 27:62-66.

4. Jesus’ Resurrection….He rose to life again

Discuss the following:

  • What happened to Jesus on the third day after He died. Matthew 28:1-15.
  • Jesus’ disciples forgetting He had told them before His death that He would rise to life again. Luke 18:33-34.
  • How He appeared to two of them, Luke 24:13-34 and then latter to ten of His closest disciples. Luke 24:35-43.
  • How Thomas wasn’t with the above ten and Jesus words to him later when He appeared to them again, this time when Thomas was also there. John 20:24-29. How is Jesus words relevant to each of us today?

5. Conclusion

Next study we answer the questions:

“Do I automatically receive the benefit of all Jesus did on the cross receiving His forgiveness and salvation or is there something I need to do?”

“Can I be sure I am saved?”

# Taken from ‘Life Application Study Bible’.


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