Human Identity-The Divine Plan.

February 3, 2018 By: Category: Bible Study

Introduction. This week’s study is the first of two which is church@paravista’s response to the above topic. Why this topic? Consider Danny’s introductory words on Sunday and discuss their relevance to us. We thought that we need to address these issues, to make it very clear as to where our church beliefs are. The Eldership
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Holiness In Your Sexuality

June 5, 2016 By: Category: Bible Study

With the push for equality regarding same sex marriages around the western world which is so contrary to God’s design and issues of pornography, people living together outside of marriage becoming more the norm, multiple sex partners, one night stands, etc, etc we need to ask the question, Who knows best, the world or God?
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Same Sex Attraction & the Church

June 27, 2015 By: Category: Bible Study

As we view the western world’s trend of supporting ‘same sex marriage’ under the guise of ‘equality’ how should we as Christians respond? What should be our attitude be toward those we know who are in such relationships? What does our Creator God say on this subject? 1. God’s View of What Marriage Is. Read
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July 19, 2014 By: Category: Bible Study

This week’s study is based on, ‘Lust’ How would you explain in a sentence or two what lust is? Share and discuss your answer with your group. A. The Source of Lust. Lust comes from ‘The World’, ‘Our Flesh’ and ‘The Devil’. Read and discuss what the following passages say: · 1John 2:15-16. · James
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