1. How many people do you think are asking the deeper questions of life?

In contrast, how many consistently live out an atheistic worldview (which says that life is objectively meaningless)?

2. Has there been a time where you planned something ahead of time based on the weather prediction, but the weather prediction turned out to be wrong and completely ruined your plans?

3. Look up Luke 21:20–22. What if you have read this passage before, had you noticed this?

4. Look up Exodus 12:46 and John 19:36. Exodus 12:46 was not written as a direct prophecy about Jesus, yet John records what happened to Jesus as a fulfilment. How do these seemingly insignificant details (such as no broken bones in Exodus 12:46) reveal God’s incredible design of the Scriptures?

5. Look up Matthew 15:4 and Mark 7:10. Both these verses record Jesus quoting from the Bible. According to Matthew, who spoke these quotes?

According to Mark, who spoke them?

What does this tell us about who Jesus thought wrote the Bible?

6. How would you describe your engagement (reading and reflection) of Scripture? Is it adventure to be enthralled by? Or a duty to be endured? Or somewhere in between?
What might make it more meaningful?

Does learning about the incredible prophecies in the Bible make it more awe-inspiring to you? How?


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