This week we conclude our studies of Philippians.
Read Philippians 4:1-20.
1. The Power of Christ.
At what stage in our life as a Christian do we begin experiencing Christ’s power? 2 Corinthians 5:17, Ephesians 1:19-20.

What does Paul say about Christ’s power in his life in Philippians 3:10, 4:13?

How do we daily experience this? What principles do Paul refer to in the following passages? 2 Corinthians 12:5-10, 3:16-18, Ephesians 5:18?

What are the results of living/experiencing Christ’s power? Galatians 5:22-23.

Discuss Ephesians 3:14-21. How does understanding the greatness of God’s love for us help us to “be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God?” Ephesians 3:19.

2. Right Thinking.
Discuss from Philippians 4:8-9 the following:
• The difference between positive and negative thinking.

• The four things Paul says to apply to our lives? Philippians 4:9.

• The result of applying these things.

• Compare Philippians 4:7 with Philippians 4:9. Is there a difference between “experiencing God’s peace” and “The God of peace will be with you” or are they the same thing?

• How do we come to know God’s peace?

• What are some things which rob us of it? eg: Philippians 4:6.
3. Contentment.
Review Philippians 4:10-20. What was the secret Paul speaks of?
What key word does he repeat in Philippians 4:11-12?

How does a person come to experience this secret Paul had learned?

Identify and discuss the importance of Paul’s points in Philippians 4:13, 19.

In this subject of contentment what is the attitude the world promotes?
According to the world how does a person reach contentment?
What/where/who is their focus?
What things do they depend on?
How well does the world’s way work?

Paul could get along happily because he could see life from God’s point of view. He focused on what he was supposed to do, not what he felt he should have. Paul had his priorities straight and he was grateful for everything God had given him. Paul had detached himself from the non-essentials so that he could concentrate on the eternal. Often a desire for more or better possessions is really a longing to fill an empty place in a person’s life. To what are you drawn to when you feel empty inside? How can you find true contentment? The answer lies in your perspective, your priorities and your source of power. Taken from ‘Life Application Study Bible’

When the Spirit of the living God captures every area of our lives discontentment goes because we being controlled by the Holy Spirit who knows the end from the beginning, who knows what we need and what we don’t need….. God through His Spirit gives us power to be content. Murray Lydemore.

4. Summary of Philippians.
Consider Murray’s closing words:
Are we living as citizens of another place?

Don’t drive your tent pegs too deep down here

Has the Gospel of Christ,
The Attitude of Christ,
The Work of Christ,
The Knowledge of Christ,
The Power of Christ,
captured our hearts, transformed our minds, directed our actions, increased our understanding and empowered our lives so we can truly say…

“For Me to Live is Christ and To Die Is Gain”

Has that come out of our journey through Philippians?


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