1. Begin by reading the account of Paul’s journey to Rome and ministry in Rome in Acts 27:1-28:31. Why do you think so much detail is given about the journey?
  2. What features of Paul’s previous missionary journeys are evident in this journey to Rome? (Consider God’s role, Paul’s actions and words, the actions and response of others.)
  3. What was the purpose of Paul’s meeting with the local Jewish leaders in Rome? Did his purpose succeed or fail?
  4. In the message, Mark identified several characteristics of good leaders that we see modelled in the Apostle Paul. Recall them if you can or, based on the account in Acts 27-28 and your recall of the previous weeks’ sermons, deduce a list of the characteristics which you think a good leader should possess. Once you have compiled the list, think about how you as a leader, or leaders whom you know in our church (e.g. the elders, deacons, ministry leaders) measure up against it.
  5. Lloyd Ogilvie in The Communicator’s Commentary: Actssays: “The abrupt ending leaves us with the challenge and opportunity to allow the Spirit to write the next chapter in the Book of Acts today, in and through us.”What is your response to this statement?
  6. How has this series on the spreading witness and the unstoppable gospel shaped your thinking about: the gospel? Witnessing? God’s responsibility? Your responsibility?


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