1. Introduction.
a. Author/date/place/context. The 2nd letter of Peter was written by the apostle Peter 3 years after 1st Peter, approximately 67 A.D. possibly in Rome. It contains some of his last words as soon after he would be martyred for his faith. #
b. Purpose.
• To stimulate Christian growth,
• To combat false teachers,
• To encourage watchfulness in view of the Lord’s certain return. # #

2. False teachers.

How do we recognize false teachers? What did Peter say about them? Read 2 Peter 2:1-22.

What will God eventually do to them? How will He judge them?
Discuss the following about false teachers. Reread 2 Peter 2:1-3, 10-18.
a. Their immoral teaching.
b. Their greed for money.
c. Their lies.
d. Their attitude including the things they don’t understand.
Discuss 2 Peter 2:18-22.
a. What is the ‘freedom’ they promise, in reality? See:
• Jesus’ words; John 8:31-36.
• Paul’s words Romans 6:15-18.
Consider the following…

A person is a slave to whatever controls him or her. Many believe that freedom is doing anything we want. But no one is ever free in that sense. If we refuse to follow God, we will follow our own sinful desires and become enslaved to what our body wants. If we submit our lives to Christ, he will free us from slavery to sin. Christ frees us to serve Him, a freedom that results in our ultimate good. #

All people have a master and pattern themselves after him. Without Jesus, we would have no choice: we would be enslaved to sin, and the results would be guilt, suffering and separation from God. Thanks to Jesus, however, we can now choose God as our Master. Following him, we enjoy new life and learn how to work for Him. Are you still serving your first master, sin? Or have you chosen God? #

Sin destroys fellowship, takes away our peace and opens us up to God’s discipline.

3. Application.
Read again 2 Peter 2:1-3.

a. Are you watchful for false teachers? What false teaching is there in some churches today especially regarding Christ and immoral living?
Discuss the following….

Jesus had told His disciples that false teaches would come (Matthew 24:11; Mark 13:22-23). Peter had heard these words, and at this time he had seen them come true. Just as false prophets in the Old Testament times (see, for example, Jeremiah 23:16-40; 28:1-17), telling people only what they wanted to hear, so false teachers were twisting Christ’s teachings and the words of the apostles. These teachers were belittling the significance of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. Some claimed that Jesus couldn’t be God; others claimed that He couldn’t have been be a real man. These teachers allowed and even encouraged all kinds of immorality, especially sexual sin. We must be careful to avoid false teachers today. Any book, tape series, or TV message must be evaluated in the light of God’s Word. Beware of special meanings or interpretations that belittle Christ or His work. #

b. Who or what is your master? John 8:31-36.

4. Further reading.

What is the true spiritual condition of the false teachers Peter is referring to? 2 Peter 2:20-22.
Consider the following…

Peter is speaking of people who have heard about Christ and how to be saved but then reject the truth and return to their sin. These people are worse off than before because they have rejected the only way out of sin, the only way of salvation. Like someone sinking in quicksand who refuses to grab the rope thrown to him or her. The person who turns away from Christ rejects the only way of escape.#

Human nature will always be drawn back to its natural environment where it belongs.
# Life Application Study Bible
# # Zondervan NIV Study Bible


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