Please read Luke 8:22-26

1. What is the key lesson from this miracle? How does this account display both Jesus deity and humanity?

2. Storms on the lake of Galilee are not uncommon, especially to seasoned fisherman. However, this storm was different, violent and life threatening. The disciples allowed these circumstances to dictate their actions. They had seen firsthand Jesus cure the sick, and grant repentance and display his power over nature, and yet they feared. This is a common response to all who                        believe. How do we allow our circumstances to overwhelmed us? What is the cure? (use Scripture to validate your response)

Read Luke 8:26-39

3. Use a bible map and locate Genasene. What type of people lived in this region? How is Jesus’ power displayed in this story? Who testifies to this power? (is this a surprise?)

4. How do the towns folk and the ex-demonic people respond towards this miracle? How do these different responses display the condition of the heart? Does this story in any way reflect on the earlier parable in this chapter? If so, how?

5. What is the command that Jesus gives the healed man? How is this an example to all who proclaim faith in Christ?

6. Reflect on Luke 2:22-32 and 4:16-19. In what way is Jesus in this story fulfilling these Scriptures? What lesson is this providing for his disciples?


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