Read Psalm 9:10.
What does it mean “to know God’s Name? What is the result of those who do?

Discuss George’s words regarding those who don’t …

Psalm 9:10 says it is actually ignorance that keeps people from believing in and coming to God not unbelief. Most people who refuse God are actually refusing a God they know nothing about who they have constructed in their own minds and is vastly different and distorted from the reality of who our God is.

Would anyone refuse a God who truly loves them, cares about them, who wants a relationship with them and has prepared an eternity for them?

Discuss the connection of God’s Name with the Presence of God. Read Matthew 18:20, Mark 9:37.
Read Exodus 33:12-23 and consider Moses’ request to God.
Read God’s answer to Moses’ asking God to “show me your glory”. Exodus 34:5-8.
What does God’s Name tell us about His attributes? List them.
What does God’s words “I Am” tell us about:
• His relationship with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
• He being a personal God?
Discuss George’s words…

Those who have put their trust in God become God’s Name bearer to a world that desperately needs to know His Name. Only as the people we interact with come to experience the living reality of God’s Name born out through our lives, lived out, expressed through our lives will they even begin to find out what God is really like. They are first going to know God as your God. Only when they begin to understand God as He really is will they ever have any hope to be able start to understand the vastness of God’s Name.

Is your knowledge of God information and not relationship?

Is your knowledge of God so superficial that you feel rebuked because there is so much you have missed out on because you have not pursued a deeper understanding of God?

God wants to express Himself through us as believers to a world who doesn’t know Him or have any idea what He is like.


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