1. What are some reasons that it is important to be completely certain that Jesus is who he says he is?

2. Does the Bible teach that it’s possible to be completely certain that Jesus is the resurrected, Son of God?

Look up Luke 1:1–4 (see especially verse 4).

Also look up 2 Peter 1:16–21 to see what Peter says about certainty.

Why did John say he wrote ‘these things’ referring to prior to 1 John 5:13?

3. When was the first time that you became completely certain that Jesus is who he says he is?

How did that happen?

How did you feel during that time, and how has that changed your life?

4. If you haven’t ever had complete certainty about Jesus, what are some reasons for this?

How might you go about pushing past doubt into certainty?

What difference do you think this might make in your life?

5. What might be some ideas people who are yet to believe in Jesus have about the possibility of been certain about Jesus?

6. Has Sunday morning and this home group time helped you engage with being certain about Jesus?

How might you minister to people who are searching for spiritual truth—how they can come to know Jesus and have certainty about who Jesus really is?


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