1. Jesus’ Superior Revelation

Read Hebrews 1:1-3. List the 7 things the writer to Hebrews says about Jesus God’s Son.

Discuss how they show the superiority of God’s revelation through Jesus Christ compared to His revelations beforehand referred to in v. 1.

2. Jesus Superior to the Prophets

Discuss George’s words:

The superiority of Jesus over the prophets is a result of His superior person & the superior revelation that came through Him. But even further than this the superiority of Jesus over the prophets was because He was the one who delivered what they promised. Whereas the prophets told about a promised Messiah & what He would do, Jesus was the Messiah & He did what was promised.

V3- “when He had by Himself purged our sins, sat down at the right hand of the majesty on High” “Heb 1:3(b) “He sat down” – sitting is a posture that speaks of elevation, completion & acceptance. He sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high (position of power, authority & highest honour). Jesus sitting down is in contrast to the Levitical priests who had no place in the Tabernacle or Tempe to sit down.

3. Jesus, Superior in Name

What does Hebrews 1:4-6 tell us about Jesus’ name? Read also Philippians 2:9-11, Revelation 17:14, 19:11-16?, 1 Timothy 6:14-16.

How does this marry with the name the angel gave Joseph, (Matthew 1:21) Mary, (Luke 1:35) and Isaiah’s prophecy? (Isaiah 7:14) C. R. Philippians 2:5-11.

How is Jesus’ name different to the angels or even the archangel? How did the angels revere Jesus?

Hebrews 1:6. What does this tell us about how they saw Him?

Consider George’s words:

The superiority of Jesus because of His Sonship came to the fore during a rather special occasion during the Lord’s earthly life. We read about it in Matt. 17:1–5, in Mark 9:1-7 & Luke 9:28 – 35.
Here was Jesus together with Moses & Elijah. Moses was representative of the law & the founder of the nation of Israel, while Elijah was considered to be the greatest of the prophets. Peter had a sense of how incredible it was to have Moses, Jesus & Elijah together – v4. Look what happened v5.

The superiority of sonship was emphasised in a parable Jesus told in Matthew 21:33- 37. This parable was a commentary on the history of God’s dealings with Israel, even to the last action – v38-39.

4. Jesus, Superior to the Angels

Read Hebrews 1:4, 2:9-10.

Find the verses which speak of Jesus’ Divinity. Hebrews 1:3-13.

What do you learn about the angels?

What and where do these verses tell us about Jesus being superior to the angels?

Angels are God’s messengers, spiritual beings created by God and under His authority (Colossians 1:16). They have several functions: serving believers (Hebrews 1:14), protecting the helpless (Matthew 18:10), proclaiming God’s messages (Revelation 14:6-12), and executing God’s judgement (Acts 12:1-23: Revelation 20:1-3). *

5. Conclusion

Consider George’s words

The point of all this, is to demonstrate that Jesus has a significance that transcends all other intermediaries in the purposes of God whether prophet or angel. Jesus is the Superior Son. As the Superior Son, He brings a superior word of truth about God, & He achieved a superior work of reconciliation with God. Jesus is the Superior Son who became the superior sacrifice to make a superior salvation possible.

6. Application

Consider George’s words:

As a Christian you must never lose your sense of the singularity of Jesus concerning your relationship with God & your hold on Heaven. For the writer to the Hebrews, the right understanding of Jesus in all the superiority of His Sonship becomes a compelling reason to stay the course of Christian faith & obedience.

How has this study following from George’s message on Sunday helped you with your understanding of who Jesus is as ‘The Superior Son’? Share with your group.

*Taken from ‘Life Application Study Bible’


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