This week’s study is titled,

‘Introduction to Parables’

We may well ask the question, “What is a Parable?” Do you have any ‘one liner’ sayings to explain?

Eg.: ‘A parable is an earthly story to explain a heavenly meaning’.

Discuss the following questions and see how many you can answer?

· Why did Jesus speak so often in parables?

· Why were some parables answered and others not and some had an air of mystery in them?

· Why did Jesus not explain some parables knowing that the hearers completely misunderstood His intended meaning?

· What do parables accomplish that simple and direct speech lacks?

· Can Jesus’ parables have meaning for us today?

1. Why did Jesus speak in parables?

Jesus’ disciples asked Him that very question. Matthew 13:10.

Read Jesus’ answer. Matthew 13:11-13.

What is the key word mentioned for people to do in order to benefit?

Read Mark 4:24-25 where Jesus emphasises this even more.

Read Jesus reference to Isaiah’s prophesy in Matthew 13:14-15. What was the condition of the people’s hearts and what had they done?

How well do you listen? What are some things that help and hinder?

Discuss your answers in your group and how you can improve.

Read and discuss the following comment….

‘The light of Jesus’ truth is revealed to us, not hidden. But we may not be able to see or use all of that truth right now. Only as we put God’s teachings into practice will we understand and see more of the truth. The truth is clear, but our ability to understand is imperfect. As we obey, we will sharpen our vision and increase our understanding.’ (Footnote taken from the ‘Life Application Study Bible’.)

What does the apostle say is the next step after listening? Read James 1:22-25.

If we don’t do this what are we really doing? What is the result if we do what he says?

2. One of Jesus Parables.

As Michael spoke from Luke 14:25-35 about, ‘The cost of discipleship’ was there anything which spoke to you?

What was the main point Jesus was making about ‘Building a house’ or ‘A king going to war?’

How does this translate and apply to the life of Jesus’ disciples?

Did Jesus really mean you must hate…. ‘your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters-yes, even your own life. Otherwise you cannot be my disciple.’ Luke 14:26.

What was the main point He was making here?

3. Looking Ahead.

In the coming weeks we will be looking at some of the parables. As we do look for one key thought in the parable.

Also, some, not all of the parables revolve around three individuals. Eg….

· ‘The master and the faithful and unfaithful servants’. Matthew 25:14-30.

· ‘The lost son, his father and older brother.’ Luke 15:11-32.

· ‘The good Samaritan, the man attacked and the priest.’ Luke 10:25-37.

Are there any other things we can keep in mind to help us to be one of those Jesus spoke about when He said ‘…. those who listen to My teaching , more understanding will be given and they will have an abundance of knowledge….’


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