Jesus has and will always cut to the inner being of the human heart. His first instructions to the newly formed discipleship group is to announce that true righteousness is not determined by an outward practice but by an inward heart transformation.
Read Luke 6:12-19
1. What was the process Jesus went through to call the disciples? What does this
process show us about Jesus’ relationship to his Father? When we face
decisions within our lives how can we model Jesus’ practice? What stops us from
a vibrant and effective prayer life? Think about some strategies that you could
implement to develop your dependence on God through the process of prayer.
2. Why do you think Luke also calls this special group apostles? What insight do be
gain about God’s plan of redemption from these verses? (ref. Acts 2:22-23)
3. Optional question. Compare the other accounts of the naming of the 12, what do
you discover about these lists? (Matthew 10:2-4; Mark 3:16-19 and Acts 1:13)
Read Luke 6:17-19
4. What do these verses say about the scope and significance of Jesus ministry?
Why do the crowd come to him? In what way is Jesus’ authority on display?
When we minister for Jesus, what are the two key critical criteria that should
always be in balance? Read Luke 6:20-23
5. What do you think the purpose of this sermon is? (Luke 6:20-49) Who is Jesus
primarily addressing in this sermon?
6. Describe what the terms poor, hungry, and weep mean in the context of what
Jesus is teaching. (Also look at Matthew 5:1-12 to help define these terms)
7. Looking at  Luke 5:23 or Matt. 5:23 What are the 4 elements of hostility that followers of Jesus
will face? How would his disciples view this, how in 2021 do we view this type of
8. What are the two commands given in response toward this type of hostility?
What are the two reasons given for implementing the commands? Spend some time praying for one another as you consider your response towards the different forms of hostility you face as you stand for Jesus.


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