We all experience what it means to live under authority. In our secular workplaces, in our homes, within our families and within the society in which we live authority structures are in place to direct and guide our actions. We can choose a position of rebellion and defiance and ignore any given authority in our lives, however as followers of Jesus his authority is final. He is our loving and compassionate Lord who directs and guides our lives to grow in the knowledge and grace of him. He provides structures and principles and through the empowering of the Holy Spirit we are able to a live a life that is worthy of the call to which we have been called. In Luke chapter seven we see in Jesus’ ministry his absolute authority over everything.

Please read Luke 7:1-10 and Matthew 8:5-13

  1. As you have read both accounts of this encounter with the centurion from Capernaum, please note the similarities and the differences. What do you think is the focus of Matthews perspective? What is the focus of Luke’s perspective?
  2. Unique to Luke’s account is the emissaries that pled on behalf of the centurion. Why is the plea of the Jewish elders inadequate when it comes to faith? What is striking about the plea from the centurion’s friends?
  3. How is the centurion’s character being presented? Why do you think Jesus commends him before the crowd as a man with great faith? (extra optional Q. What are the other occasions in the gospel of Luke is this word “marveled” used?)
  4. Many circumstances and situations in our lives contribute to a faith that is weak. The centurion’s faith was strong, it was saving faith. How do we develop faith responses in our daily walks that grow us in Christ? (Please use other Scripture to develop your thoughts)

Please read Luke 7:11-17

  1. This account is unique to Luke. What is striking to you about this healing?
  2. How does the crowd respond to this raising of the widow’s son? Consider the OT stories in 1 Kings 17:17-24 and 2 Kings 4:18-37 What is similar and what is different about Jesus raising the widow’s boy?
  3. In your own words what authority is Jesus displaying for the centurion and for the widow? How does this display of authority provide confident assurance in the work and person of Jesus? What areas in your life do you need to yield to Christ’s loving authority?




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