This week’s study is based on Matthew 7:7-12 and is titled,

Good Things From  A Good God

How well do you know the heart of God?

Share in your group words which describe God’s heart.

  1. 1.Read the following passages (which have a common theme).
    Matthew 7:11, Matthew 5:45, 2nd Corinthians 9:8, 10-11, Romans 8:32, Ephesians 1:3-4, Philippians 4:19.
    Is there a word or two from these you could add to those you have shared above?
    Share with each other some personal experiences which flow from your relationship with God which reflect His heart in His dealings with you.
  2. Read Matthew 7:7-12.
    What kind of gifts will God give to His children?
    What kind of gifts won’t God give to His children?
    What is the greatest gift God can give anyone? Refer to the parallel passage in Luke 11:9-13
    Why is this so? Read again Ephesians 1:3 &13-14.
  3. Discuss the message Jesus was teaching His disciples in Matthew 7:9-11.
    Can you think of any time(s) you thought you were asking for a ‘loaf of bread’ or a ‘fish’ but instead have asked for a ‘stone’ or a ‘snake’ without realising it?
    How did God answer you? Share with each other.
    When you ask God for something how confident are you that he will give what is best for you? Share your answer to others in your group.
  4. With the above in mind read again Matthew 7:7-8.
    Is this a statement to assure us God will give us anything we ‘ask, seek or knock’ for?
    Is it an encouragement in persisting in prayer?
    Read Jesus parable of ‘The Persistent Widow’ in Luke 18:1-8.
    What was Jesus reason for telling the parable? V.1.
  5. How careful do you think we should be in our ‘asking, seeking and knocking’ for the right things? Consider The Children of Israel’s request for a king. 1st Samuel 8:4-9.
    Are there guidelines we can follow to help?
    Read John 15:7, 1st John 5:14-15.
    Can you think of any others?

Think about two or three times God has answered your prayers and good things he has given you. Finish by thanking Him for them.


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