In this the third study about “Knowing God” we ask the question “What can we learn about God though His relationship and dealings with Isaac?
1. Isaac, the son of God’s promise.

Read Genesis 18:1-15. Discuss the difference here between Sarah’s and Abraham’s (Genesis 15:1-6) response to God’s promise of accomplishing what was humanly impossible.
Who do you relate to the most? Are there promises of God which you doubt at times and struggle to believe? Consider the Lord’s words in Genesis 18:14, 21:1-2.

2. Isaac’s Name.
Why did Abraham give Isaac his name? See Genesis 17:19. What does the name mean? Read Genesis 21:3-7. Imagine being called this all your life. What reminders would Isaac’s name bring to his parents?
3. Isaac as an Offering.
Read Genesis 22:1-19. Imagine how Isaac would have felt as his father lifted the knife to kill him. Consider the following….

For his part, Isaac willingly became the sacrifice because of his faith in his father and in God. #

Do you think there were things Isaac learned about God through this experience? If so what were they?
Discuss Daniel’s words from his message:

Isaac was to be sacrificed, but God provided a sacrifice: foreshadowing the sacrifice of His only Son.

4. Isaac’s Wife.
Read Genesis 24:1-67. Discuss how important you think it was for Isaac to marry the wife of God’s choice? Refer to Genesis 24:1-8. Why do you think Abraham felt this way? Are there things were can learn and apply from God’s provision of a wife for Isaac?
Compare what Jacob did and Rebekah and Isaac actions. Genesis 27:41-28:5.
5. Isaac’s Life.
Consider and discuss in your group the following review of Isaac’s life.

  • Isaac married Rebekah, but they found she was barren, just as Sarah had been. As a good husband, Isaac prayed for his wife, and God opened Rebekah’s womb. She gave birth to twins: Esau and Jacob.
  • Isaac favored Esau, a burly hunter and outdoorsman, while Rebekah favored Jacob, the more sensitive, thoughtful of the two. That was an unwise move for a father to take. Isaac should have worked to love both boys equally. #

What Were Isaac’s Accomplishments?

  • Isaac obeyed God and followed his commands. He was a loyal husband to Rebekah.
  • He became a patriarch of the Jewish nation, fathering Jacob and Esau. Jacob’s 12 sons would go on to lead the 12 tribes of Israel. #

Isaac’s Strengths

  • Isaac was faithful to God. He never forgot how God saved him from death and provided a ram to be sacrificed in his place. He watched and learned from his father Abraham, one of the most faithful men of the Bible.
  • In an era when polygamy was accepted, Isaac took only one wife, Rebekah. He loved her deeply all his life. #

Isaac’s Weaknesses

  • To avoid death by the Philistines, Isaac lied and said Rebekah was his sister instead of his wife. His father had said the same thing about Sarah to the Egyptians.
  • As a father, Isaac favored Esau over Jacob. This unfairness caused a serious split in their family. #

6. Application
Discuss in your group how the following apply to your lives…

  • God answers prayer. He heard Isaac’s prayer for Rebekah and allowed her to conceive. God hears our prayers too and gives us what is best for us.
  • Trusting God is wiser than lying. We are often tempted to lie to protect ourselves, but it almost always results in bad consequences. God is worthy of our trust.
  • Parents should not favor one child over another. The division and hurt this causes can result in irreparable harm. Every child has unique gifts that should be encouraged. #

What have you learn or been reminded of about God from His relationship and dealings with Isaac that has been helpful to you?


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