This study we look at the relationship between God and Abraham and see how much we can learn about God who made Himself known partly through His special relationship with Abraham.


Read the following accounts of the story of Abraham:
• Moses. Genesis 11:31- 12:3.
• Stephen. Acts 7:2-5.
• Writer of Hebrews. Hebrews 11:8-10.

Abraham had a choice to make. His decision was between setting out with his family and belongings for parts unknown or staying right where he was. He had to decide between the security of what he already had and the uncertainty of travelling under God’s direction. All he had was God’s promise to guide and bless him. #

What do we learn about God’s promise to Abraham and Abraham’s trust in God?


After years of obediently following God and going to a foreign land what do we learn about the further unfolding of God’s plan for Abraham’s life?

Read Genesis 15:1-6.

  • What was God’s promise to Abraham?
  • What was Abraham’s response to God’s promises?

Discuss Abraham’s openness to share with God the deep concerns on his heart (Genesis 15:2-3) and God’s assurances. (Genesis 15:4-5)

Read Genesis 15:6 and discuss how important God considers it for His children to truly believe His promises.


Read Genesis 18:1-10, Romans 4:18-21 for God’s further guidance and confirmation.

What is meant by, “….it was credited to him as righteousness?” Romans 4:22 and how relevant is it to us today? Read Romans 4:23-25.

Discuss the following….

Abraham could hardly have been expected to visualize how much of the future was resting on his decision on whether to go or stay, but his obedience affected the rest of the world. His decision to follow God set into motion the development of the nation God would eventually use as His own when He visited earth Himself. When Jesus Christ came to earth, God’s promise was fulfilled; through Abraham the entire world was blessed. #


In contrast to Abraham’s faith in God to keep His promises what does Genesis 18:10-15 tell us regarding Sarah’s faith and belief in what God said?

Read what happened 14 years earlier which gives us further insight into Sarah and the influence she had for the worse on Abraham. Genesis 16:1-14.

“You probably don’t know the long-term effects of most decisions you make. But shouldn’t the fact that there will be long-term results cause you to think carefully and seek God’s guidance as you make choices and take actions today?” #


  • The importance of who we listen to and allow ourselves to be influenced by.
  • The consequences of our actions long-term. In Abraham and Sarah’s case the influence on the world right down to our present day because of the birth of Ishmael!


What have you learned or be reminded of regarding God through the relationship He had with Abraham while he was on the earth?

How open are you to share with God as Abraham did, the deep concerns of your heart and trust Him with them to unfold what is His will and best for your life?

Further Information about Abraham

Strengths and Accomplishments

  • His faith pleased God.
  • Became the founder of the Jewish nation.
  • Was respected by others and was courageous in defending his family at any cost.
  • Was not only a caring father to his own family, but practiced hospitality to others.
  • Was a successful and wealthy shepherd.
  • Usually avoided conflicts, but when they were unavoidable, he allowed his opponents to set the rules for settling the disputes.

Weaknesses and Mistakes

  • Under direct pressure he distorted the truth.

Lessons from His Life

  • God desires dependence, trust and faith in Him-not faith in our ability to please Him.
  • God’s plan from the beginning has been to make Himself known to all people.

Key Verse

And Abram believed the Lord, and the Lord counted him as righteous because of his faith.” Genesis 15:6.

# Taken from ‘Life Application Study Bible.’


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