Today is the first of two studies from Malachi: “Giving God Your Best in Worship.”

 1. Introduction

The book of Malachi was written approximately 430 B.C. and was the last recorded words of the Lord before Christ came.

Read Malachi 1:1-14.

What does Malachi 1:1 tell us about the true Author of this book?

What is the message in chpt.1 God was communicating to His people at that time in Jerusalem?

2. The Foundation of Worship

What is your definition of what worship is?

What foundation does God express has always been in place for His chosen people, the Israelites?

What do the following tell us about the same foundation for us God’s chosen people in the New Covenant?

  • John 3:16
  • Romans 5:6-8
  • 1 John 4:9-10

Who is this foundation for and who are those who receive the benefits of it? Are they one and the same and if not why not? Are there condition(s)?

The book of Malachi was written by the prophet Malachi to the people In Jerusalem

3. True Worship

Read John 4:21-24. What did Jesus say about the following:

  • What is true worship?
  • What God his father is looking for?
  • What does this mean and how does someone do this?

What is to be our motivation for true worship of God? Romans 12:1, Hebrews 12:28-29, Rev. 4:8-11, Ps. 100:1-5. Can there be other motivation(s)? If so what are they? If not, why not?

4. God’s message through Malachi

Revisit Malachi 1:6-14. What did God say about their worship in the following:

  • Malachi 1:6
  • Malachi 1:7-9
  • Malachi 1:9-11
  • Malachi 1:12-13
  • Malachi 1:14

5. Application

How do you worship God? Consider and discuss in your group the following:

God’s law required that only perfect animals be offered to God (see Lev. 1;3). But these Priests were allowing the people to offer blind, crippled and diseased animals to God. God accused them of dishonoring Him by offering imperfect sacrifices and He was greatly displeased. The New testament says our lives should be living sacrifices to God.(Rom. 12:1) If we give God only our left over time, money and energy, we repeat the same sin as these worshipers who didn’t want to bring anything valuable to God. What we give God reflects our true attitude toward Him. *

Worship was “too hard” according to these priests. Some people think that following God is suppose to make life more comfortable. They are looking for a God of convenience. The truth is that it takes commitment and hard work to live by God’s high standards. We may have to face poverty or suffering. But if serving God is more important to us than anything else, what we give up is nothing compared to what we gain-eternal life with God *

* taken from ‘Life Application Study Bible’


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