This week’s study is titled….

“Fearless Faith”

What do we do when the bottom falls out of our world?

Read Mark 5:21-43.

Here we have the story of two people who’s lives overlapped when they came to Jesus. Both sought him out for help in their desperate need.

1. The Bleeding Woman.

What was her situation? Discus what her condition had meant to her,

· Physically.

· Financially.

· Emotionally.

· Socially. Her bleeding would have meant she was an ‘untouchable’ like a leper and not able to lead a normal life socially. (see Luke 17:14, Leviticus 14:1-32.)

Discuss Jesus’ words in Luke 8:45-46. Why do you think Jesus was determined to find out who had touched him and been healed?

What was the significance of Luke’s words….

‘…. The whole crowd heard her explain why she had touched Him and that she had been immediately healed,’ (Luke 8:47) and what Jesus said to her afterwards?

Why do you think she focused on touching Jesus’ robe only and not His body? Also why she wanted to stay hidden and began to tremble? See Leviticus 15:25-27. She was in a large crowd probably unwilling needing to touch others in order to get to Jesus. Consider her desperation.

2. Jairus.

Answer and discuss the following about Jairus.

· His position.

· How he approached Jesus.

· His request.

· How do you think he felt when Jesus was delayed because of the bleeding woman and then when the messengers arrived with their bad news?

· What were Jesus’ words to him at that time?

· Why do you think Jesus took only Jairus, his wife and Peter, James and John (Luke 8:51) into the room when He brought the girl back to life?

· What was their response?

3. Application.

How were these two people rewarded for their faith in Jesus?

What do you see about the way Jesus treated these two people that is an encouragement for you to have great confidence in Him trusting Him to meet whatever needs arise in your life?

How would you respond if you sought God’s help and he didn’t help you the way you wanted? Has this happened to you?

Consider some of the great hero’s of faith in the Old Testament. Hebrews 11:32-40.

Read and discuss Henry’s words below….

‘I believe the message of Mark 5 21-43 is not a message of “have faith and everything will work out for your physical earthly blessing”. Rather it is an encouragement that regardless of who you are God has great compassion for you and in your desperation the most important thing is that you have faith in the person of Christ rather than faith in your circumstances going well for you. Disciples of Jesus are called to have fearless faith in the most desperate of days.’

How do we develop fearless faith? Faith is confidence in God. Fearless faith grows as we exercise it by living in obedience even when the circumstances are difficult or when it looks like there is an easier solution. So we don’t Run Away, Fight Dirty or Give Up. We cling to Christ with fearless faith’

Is this a reflection of how you live?


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