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This week’s study is about,


1. Discuss in your group the following questions.

· What is fasting?

· Why do people fast (generally, not just Christians)? Give some examples, eg “40 hour famine’, eastern religions, etc.

· Have you ever fasted? If so what was your reason? What was your experience and what benefit did you gain?

If not have you ever considered it and decided not to. What was your reason(s)?

· Is there anything else you can think of regarding fasting?

2. Can you think of any place in the Bible where fasting is mentioned?

Here are a few to get you started.

· Old Testament. Leviticus 23:32, 2 Samuel 12:15-23, Isaiah 58:3-5.

· New Testament. Matthew 4:2, Acts 13:1-3.

Is there any difference between the Old and New Testament emphasis/teaching?

3. Read Matthew 6:16-18.

What is the main message Jesus is wanting to communicate to His disciples about fasting? Eg; ‘Who is it between’, ‘What was the Pharisees motivation and the right motivation?’, anything else?

4. In recent weeks we have looked at ‘Giving’ Matthew 6:1-4, ‘Praying’ Matthew 6:5-14 and this week ‘Fasting’ Matthew 6:16-18.

Why do you think there is no mention as to how much or how often we do these things compared with the Old Testament there are very specific rules?

5. Discuss your answers to the following questions.

· Are there any benefits to be gained by fasting?

· Will our prayer life be more effective or fruitful if we fast? Give reasons for your answers?

· Consider Acts 13:1-3. Why do you think these men fasted and prayed more, after the Holy Spirit had already spoken to them, v3?

· Are there practical guidelines we should keep in mind eg: regarding health matters or any others?

· Scripture implies fasting is going without food. Are there other things we could fast from as well for a while, eg: T.V. watching, computers, sport, phone. etc which can be very time consuming?

6. Conclusion

Share with others in your group how would you summarize what fasting is? What is the attitude God wants you to have? If and how could or even should you apply it to your life? Does/would it make a difference? How?


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