Think through the following as you begin:

Would you agree that one of the hardest things todo when someone really hurts you – either by their words or actions – is forgiving them?

Work through the following as a group or individual, taking the time to read each passage.

  • What did Jesus mean when in Mark 11:25, he spoke about forgiveness? Does this mean that forgiveness is conditional?
  • How difficult is it to forgive as much as Jesus said to Peter? Matthew 18:22 Note what Paul says to the Colossian church in Colossians 3:13
  • How many times have you had to come to the Lord and confess your sin and apply 1 John1:9?

Consider and discuss this statement from Neil Anderson,

Forgiveness is agreeing to live with the consequences of another person’s sin. You’re going to live with those consequences whether you want to or not; your choice is whether you do so in the bitterness of unforgiveness or the freedom of forgiveness.

Joseph: A man of integrity and Forgiveness

One of the greatest examples of forgiveness can be seen in the life of Joseph. He was dealt with so unfairly by so many people, yet reacted in a forgiving way, showing no bitterness or malice.

  • Read Genesis 45:1-8.  What do you think would be the human reaction of someone in Joseph’s position?
  • Why do you think Joseph was able to react this way? Note how the 2 words But God changes everything.

Charles Swindoll says,

You cannot genuinely embrace a person you’ve not fully forgiven. … Joseph never stood taller than at this moment of his life.

  • Read Genesis 49:15-21.  See what happens after Jacobs death and then compare Genesis 42:7 with Genesis 50:21. Note Joseph response to his brothers.  

Lessons From Joseph’s Life

  1. God Sovereignly works all things for his Glory and for our good.
  2. Joseph lived a life free of bitterness despite everything that happened.
  3. As Joseph faced death he was right with both God and man.

What do you think of this statement: When someone has been injured they have a choice. They can hold a grudge, or they can choice to forgive. Holding a grudge keeps the injure alive. Forgiveness opens the door to healing

Is there an incident in your life you would like to share at this time?


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