1. Elijah’s High

Read again Elijah’s ‘Mountain Top’ experience. 1 Kings 18:16-46.

Consider and discuss in your group how Elijah would have felt as he experienced God’s power and the authority and confidence it gave him as he was obeying God. In his prayer he not only asked God to show the people of Israel that the Lord was God but also that “he was God’s servant and he had done all this at God’s command.” 1 Kings 18:36.

Imagine his emotional high as God answered his prayers:

a. “Immediately the fire of the Lord flashed down from heaven…” 1 Kings 19:36-38. justifying his actions (over 2 years of drought and calling the contest on Mount Carmel) and affirming him as God’s true prophet in the presence of God’s people.

b. “And soon the sky was black with clouds. A heavy wind brought a terrific rain storm….” 1 Kings 18:45.

2. Elijah’s Low

Read 1 Kings 19:1-4.

Discuss what changed in Elijah and why. Where was his focus at:

  • Mount Carmel?
  • After Jezebel’s threat?

What was Elijah’s physical, emotional and spiritual condition:

  • At Mount Carmel?
  • After Jezebel’s threat?

Discuss the following:

Elijah experienced the depths of fatigue and discouragement just after his two great spiritual victories: the defeat of the prophets of Baal and the answered prayer for rain. Often discouragement sets in after great spiritual experiences, especially those requiring physical effort or involving great emotion. #

3. God’s Restoration

What does Paul suggest makes up the whole person that each of us are? 1 Thess. 5:23. (For further reading on the subject of ‘body, soul and spirit’ click here)

Let’s see how God ministered to Elijah in these areas to restore him again from the ‘low’ he had sunk to.

a. Body. What practical physical needs did God first minister to Elijah in order to restore him to a position of strength?

b. Soul. (mind, will, emotions)

Read 1 Kings 19:9-14.

How did God simulate Elijah’s mind through the questions He asked to change his mind set?

How do you think Elijah experiencing ‘The mighty windstorm, earthquake and fire’ helped?

What corrections did he need to make in his thinking to change his P.L.O.M.’s (Poor Little Old Me) disease? 1 Kings19:10,14. What was God’s answer?

c. Spirit

What was the significance of God instructing Elijah to go to Mount Sinai?

See Ex. 3:1-6, 19:1-6, 16-20, 24:15-18, 34:28, Deuteronomy 9:8-11.

What other name was it given?

Why do you think God spoke in “a gentle whisper’ rather than the spectacular?

Discuss the following…

Elijah knew that the sound of a gentle whisper was God’s voice. He realized that God doesn’t reveal himself only in powerful, miraculous ways. To look to God only in something big (rallies, churches, conferences, highly visible leaders) may be to miss Him because he is often found gently whispering in the quietness of the humble heart. Are you listening for God? Step back from the noise and activity of your busy life and listen humbly and quietly for His guidance. It may come when you least expect it. #

Discuss the significance of God directing Elijah back to his mission? How important is having a vision for the future? What difference does not having a vision make?

4. Conclusion/Application

  • Discuss the following conditions that can result in a “low” and the practical solutions.
  • Coming down from a “spiritual and or emotional high!
  • High level of stress and physical fatigue, eg: over tired/worked, not resting, eating or exercising properly!
  • Imbalance of body, soul and spirit!
  • Not being alert and aware of the devil’s strategies to attack when we are most vulnerable!
  • Neglecting supportive relationships, spending too much time on our own! Can you think of any others?

# taken from ‘Life Application Study Bible


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