Belinda and Herman Lamprecht (South Africa, DPG Day 2)
Praise God for opportunities to fellowship with members of the OM team. Praise God Herman has resolved some of the issues that he and the Middle-Eastern team have encountered with his medical app. Pray for Herman as he investigates the use of solar power for some of OM’s regional offices. Pray for Belinda and Herman as they go to court on Tuesday for Princess’ foster-care renewal. Pray for them to have God’s peace, for His will to be done, and for Princess’ best interests to be served by those who make the big decisions.

Kara McLaughlin (South Africa, DPG Day 2)
Pray for strength for local volunteer care workers in the communities who are often insulted and treated with disdain because they care for vulnerable children. Pray for a 13-yer-old girl in Mpata to get her wheelchair ASAP, and pray for healing of the sores on her knees. Pray for Kara as she connects with the team in Malawi and with families and contacts locally; it has been quite some time since she was there. Kara is hoping to get to know the team and the 900 children, their faces, names and stories, so that even when she is away she will have a real heart connection with them there. Tickets are booked to return to Sydney via Doha on 31 October (she has a 7-hour layover in Doha). Pray that the flights go ahead and she arrives back in Australia safely.

Byron and Lyn Johannesen (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Praise God for the unity of the Tulua leadership. Pray for more maturity and unity in the leadership of other Colombian assemblies. Pray that Lyn can get her specialist appointment soon for her knee.

Larelle Smith (HK/China, DPG Day 7)
Wednesdays and Fridays are extremely busy coordinating 1-2 tonnes of food in and out of the food bank each week. Larelle is the main person on the ground and it can get stressful. Pray that she will manage her stress levels and food can be efficiently distributed to where it’s needed most.

Jason Stuart (PNG, DPG Day 19)
Praise God that Jason and his children were released early from PNG quarantine and are settling into life in PNG. Pray for Jason as he does translation checking soon.

Kevin Dyer (Specialist, DPG Day 21)
Pray for Kevin as he adjusts to life without Eloise. “We had a beautiful funeral and memorial service for Eloise. There were huge expenses in relation to her transportation and burial. I am now adjusting to being on my own and I would appreciate your prayers for God’s grace in the days ahead. I miss Eloise very much, but I know she is in the arms of the Lord Jesus. My eyes are focused on the Lord, knowing He is with me every day.” Pray for Haiti — especially the thousands who live on the streets until the earthquake aftershocks stop. Pray for the rebuild to come. Pray for those believers who have opportunities to show the gospel in practical ways to those who are struggling and suffering so much. Praise God for the help of medical volunteers.

Daniel and Emily (Restricted Access, DPG Day 27)
Praise God for the news that the Australian border will open in November, which helps them in planning when they might be able to return to our host city. They are thankful, too, that COVID cases in their host country have dropped significantly in recent weeks. The big prayer points for them right now are working out what schooling their kids will do when they return and the logistics in preparing to return. There are still many things to be worked through. Pray for God’s leading to a school in which their kids can thrive and have their needs met.

C & A (Restricted Access, DPG Day 30)
Praise God that cholera has all but gone, and didn’t cause the feared devastation it could have. Pray for God’s mercy as the malaria season begins. Praise God for the completion of the compound fence — thanks for the support from generous donors. Praise God that C & A have been able to book reasonably priced flights back to Australia in December — pray that their return won’t be delayed a 10th time.

Carol Luttah (CBMPNG)
Praise God that Lynn is in Wewak and settling in. Pray for final accounting touches before the mid-month audit. Pray for God’s mercy over PNG as COVID cases rise; pray that staff will get vaccinated. Pray for hospitals which are struggling to cope due to lack of oxygen and staff who are also sick from COVID.


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