John and Kathy Harris (Netherlands, DPG Day 17)
Praise God for their continued health. Praise God that Amy’s health issue has resolved, so pray for her as she makes final plans before leaving for Uganda. Praise God that John had good conversations with Andreas while he was back in The NL with Ligia (workers in Romania). Pray for them as they face important choices about future ministry directions. Pray for Sanne as she explores expanding her ministry to refugees in The NL and builds bridges between refugees and the wider community. Pray for Pier and Joke as they return to Serbia in June to serve among the Roma communities. Praise God for opening up a new ministry opportunity to other missionaries and pastors who need encouragement and support in the area where Pier and Joke serve.

Eva Kennedy (Spain, DPG Day 18)
Praise God for Eva’s residency card. Praise God for Gladys, Eva’s housemate, who has been very helpful. Pray for them as they look for a suitable apartment. Pray for good communication with her team as she settles in (she has been in Madrid for a month now); pray for the ability to ask for help when she needs it. Her language learning is coming along well. After her 2-month intensive at Alcalingua, she will have August off before attending the official language school in central Madrid. Pray for energy, stamina and refreshment for the WEC Spain team.

Phil and Fiona EMERY (DPG Day 20, SA church pastors) have accepted the AMT member care role as a joint position. They served with New Tribes Mission in PNG for three decades (1986-2016), where they taught literacy and Phil was Co-Chairman of NTMPNG and Fiona was Field Secretary, amongst other roles. Before they left NTM, Phil was Personnel Director and Fiona was Home School Advisor, and both have been involved in member care for years. They will take over from Wendy STRACHAN (DPG Day 24, Specialist/AMT) who retires at the end of June. We thank Wendy for her years of faithful and fruitful service and wish her well in this next phase of life.

Simon and Ann (Restricted Access, DPG Day 30)
Praise God that Simon has finished writing his theology course and completed his 1 John commentary. Praise God his father is doing better health-wise.

Pray for missionaries who are waiting patiently to either return to Australia or their mission field. Pray for protection from disease and ill-health, including COVID-19.


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