Richard and Anne Hoyt (Chad, DPG Day 1)
Anne’s healthcare leave has been extended to the end of April; pray that she recovers well. Pray for guidance for Rich and Anne as they decide when to return to Chad.

Gary and Louise Bryar (Brazil, DPG Day 4)
God that Gary, Louise & Julie are in good health. Julie continues with the Camp Bethel ministry online. Pray for a faithful Christian couple at the assembly in São Paolo. The whole family has COVID. Pray especially for Anna (who is a nurse in ICU), her husband Devanir and their children.

Byron and Lyn Johannesen (Colombia, DPG Day 4)
Pray for Olmey as he recovers from eye surgery. Pray for Justin as he recovers from a heart attack; he will probably need more surgery later. Pray for Byron’s dad as he recovers from an infection.

Stephen and Lorraine Cavill (QLD, DPG Day 6)
Pray for Stephen as he has his practical flight review soon in Rocky (it’s hard to get an instructor out to Longreach). Pray for him as he visits schools by car for now. Praise God that Stephen found and fixed the problem with the Jabiru, which is running well. Pray for Stephen as he replaces plastic parts in the Cessna, a time-consuming process. Pray for safe travel during the CWCI Safari later this year. Pray for Stephen as he flies the speaker at an Easter Aboriginal convention from Longreach to Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash). Praise God for good rain in parts of QLD; pray that rain will fall on dry areas of central QLD and the drought will break.

Jason and Karen Griffiths (QLD, DPG Day 7)
Praise God that Jason received approval to enter PNG and flew there yesterday (pray for visa approval). Pray that he and his small group can engage co-workers with important topics during the week of 22-26 March. Pray for Karen and the family while Jason is away.

Paul and Debbie Howells (Philippines, DPG Day 9)
Praise God that the Talaandig teaching materials are progressing very well. Praise God for a new 77-metre well and faster internet in Lapoc. Pray for co-workers Ernesto and Jane Lopez as they move to Lapoc in March/April. Pray for the Cole and Anggaon families as they adjust to the demands and challenges of missionary life in the Baungon region, where they minister to over 80 people. Pray for the building of their houses and a church. Pray for an end to the rat plague which has ravaged fields in the Cauyunan region.

John and Kathy Harris (Netherlands, DPG Day 17)
Thank God for the healing and restoration taking place in the women staying at the Safe Haven house near Rotterdam. Praise God that John’s Leadership Basics course went well, as did the online Refugee Highway conference. Continue to pray for John and his iTeams NL co-leaders as they lead the organisation. Pray for God’s leading, equipping and empowering as they develop their new working and leading situation. Pray for Mathilde as she recovers from a major hip operation. Pray for a good outcome to the Netherlands’ national election on 17 March. Pray for Kathy and John as they continue with their weekly English lessons to refugees on Tuesdays. Pray for John to have wisdom and God’s enabling power as he finishes recording a series of three videos on spiritual disciplines. Pray that God will use this tool to encourage and equip the church community. Pray for John as he leads online teaching on the Psalms for their church on 20 March.

Noela Elvery & Julie Loudon (Specialists, DPG Day 22 & 23)
Praise God for the re-opening of schools in the Ituri area of DR of Congo after months of closure. Praise God for protection of children and teachers during school closure and that most have returned to commence a new term. Pray for ongoing protection from rebels. Praise God for pain relief for the eyes of Sylvia (Way Alege’s wife) and that the TB medication is effective in improving her health. Pray for Way to get relief from chronic back pain while balancing his time and energy with family, church eldership, teaching at Shalom Christian Uni and visits to Pygmy projects. Pray for Acira and Berocan to travel safely on the very insecure road from Oicha and Bunia. Pray for wisdom in handling the food distribution program. Pray for Acira’s ongoing health problems with Parkinson’s. Pray for SaaSita (head of primary 2 school) as he keeps track of sponsored children enrolled in the school. Pray for the Manzali staff to stay safe and well as they work faithfully in the dispensary and maternity facilities. Praise God that Jacque (Gedeon’s wife in Kenya, who has stomach cancer) is feeling better with the new treatment. Pray that her pain will continue to improve and that she copes with the prescribed diet. Pray for Gedeon who is still in Sydney due to COVID. Pray for Desmond in PNG, who has health issues limiting his walking to villages. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Noela and Julie as they wait upon the Lord’s direction. Pray for ongoing distribution of audio recordings and outreach via radio and website

Daniel and Emily (Restricted Access, DPG Day 25)
Pray for peace and clear purpose as they continue to work remotely from Australia. After a time of prayer and discernment, they have decided to wait until June to reassess the situation for returning to their host country. Pray for more opportunities with their neighbours here — they are inviting some over for meals to get to know them better. COVID has spread further in the communities of which they are a part in their host country. Please pray for full healing for those infected and for protection for others around them.

#PRAYERUNITED: On 20/2 there were 29 participants online & 9 at AMT. The next meeting is on 27/3.


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