As we discuss further the implications of what it means to “walk in a manner worthy of our calling”, we are taking a minor deviation away from Ephesians to explore Paul’s prayer in Colossians one. In this opening prayer we see a fascinating relationship between past, present and future. The past reflects the point of belief in Christs death and resurrection, resulting in redemption and forgiveness of sins. In the present – as we walk this earth – God fills and increases our knowledge with a deep and abiding understanding of the revelation of Jesus Christ. In the future, our inheritance will be realized, our heavenly citizenship will be a reality. This should cause our hearts to give thanks to our triune God for his grace in granting us salvation.

1.Please read Col.1:1-8. What three terms does Paul commend the saints in Colossae for? Is this a positive or negative appraisal? How would you rate our church in these three areas? How would you rate your own life in these areas?

2. How is the result of the gospel described in these verses? How should the gospel impact upon your daily life? (Think in terms of our entire series) Please read Col 1:9-14.

3. Look at several different bible versions of Col 1:9, esp. the NIV and the ESV and determine “what is Paul’s primary request in this prayer?”

4. As every believer is called to walk in a manner worthily of the Lord and fully pleasing to him, there are 4 primary character traits that will be evident in such a walk. What are those traits? For each quality what are the resulting actions. (please see point a. as an example)

a. Bearing fruit. = active good works towards others within and outside our community. Bearing fruit also at times requires a refinement and pruning by the Holy Spirit who produces fruit of    righteousness in a believers life.




5. Evaluate your own Christian life and honestly estimate how you are doing in these areas?

6. Please read Col 1:13-14. How do these verses comfort and encourage you? How do these verses provide security for your future inheritance?


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