Contacting Permissions for YUK Youth

The team at YUK are keen to continue meeting together with the youth, encouraging and supporting each other through these crazy (and isolated) times!

To do this, we have come up with a few options for your youth to join in on!

  1. Zoom
    I’m sure a lot of you have heard of this video conferencing app, which enables us to see each other face to face over the internet. We would love to host some weekly meetings on there in smaller groups. This would involve at least two leaders in each gathering and those leaders will organise the gatherings with each small group. They will also be in frequent contact with those youth in their groups.
  2. Discord
    This service provides a chat room for the youth to talk together at anytime! Our intention is to use this as a place to touch base throughout our weeks, for prayer points or encouraging verses, or to hang out or play games online together. All of these rooms are supervised by the YUK leaders and have administrative power to remove anything or anyone that does not comply with the community standards. Basically, same rules apply online as they do at YUK!
  3. Email or other forms of messaging
    One way we’d love to keep touching base is to regularly check in via a message or email. We understand not everyone has access to the above options, but we still want to include everyone as best we can. Of course, these messages or emails would never be isolated, but would involve at least one other leader!

***Please indicate which methods of communication you would be happy to let your youth participate in and reply providing your best contact number. A leader will then be in contact with you over the next week to initiate YUK online!***

If you have any questions regarding any of these methods, please call or message Logan below.

Also, if you have any concerns or worries about life in general at the moment, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or any of the pastors at Paravista. We’d be glad to talk, listen and encourage you through these tricky times!

Nathan Potts // Senior Pastor 
Ph: 0452 536 151

Danny Lanthois // Associate Pastor 
Ph: 0407 800 657

Logan Montgomery // Youth Pastor
Ph: 0432 606 932