Revelation 2:1-7
Thirty-five to forty years after Ephesians was written, the apostle John received a
vision concerning the “Revelation of Jesus Christ”. Part of the vision included
seven letters of warning to seven different churches, of which Ephesus was one.
Ephesus was the leading church of that era. Paul ministered there for 3 years and
left Timothy in charge of the church (1 Tim 1:3). “A few years later John the
apostle arrived in the city (approx. AD 66) and began a ministry there. John
remained in the area until his exile to Patmos… The prominence of this church is
reflected in its being the possible recipient of as many as eight NT books: the
gospel of John, Ephesians, 1 and 2 Timothy, 3 John and Revelation. ”1 However, in
a short space of time this leading church was now describe as a place of Loveless
1. Please read Revelation 1:9-18 and describe in your own words the picture
being described of Christ. As you consider this picture what Old
Testament images come to mind?
Please read Revelation 2:1-7
2. Who is the one addressing the church at Ephesus? What are the
commendation’s given to the church?
3. How can you endure patiently amidst the difficulties of evil? What
instructions from the letter to the Ephesians would help with patient
1 Robert L. Thomas, Revelation 1-7, an Exegetical Commentary, Kenneth Barker. General Editor.
(Chicago, Il: Moody Press, 1992), 130.
4. What is the condemnation given to the church?
5. This church understood theology well. They had a head full of doctrine,
but lacked practical outworking of doctrine. They could discern false
teaching and deal with the consequences. However, they had abandoned
the love they had for Christ. What causes the believer to lose their love
for Christ? How do you maintain right teaching and get godly, loving
6. How were the Ephesians to respond to this condemnation? How do we
maintain our love for Christ? Please use principles from the book of
Ephesians. (Especially the commands to “Walk”)


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