Today we begin the first series in the book of Acts titled “The Gospel”.

This series will be five studies covering the first 12 chapters.

1. Introduction

 A. The Author

Luke was the probable author. Compare Acts 1:1-3 with Luke 1:1-4 and the ‘we’ mentioned in Acts 16:10-17 and Luke being a companion and co-worker with Paul 2 Timothy 4:11, Philemon 1:24, Colossians 4:14.

In Acts Luke focuses on the two leading figures in the Church: Peter, the apostle to the Jews (Acts  1-12) and Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles (Acts 13-28).

In this series we will be studying Peter, the apostle to the Jews (chpt. 1-12).

B. The setting.

Discuss Henry’s comments about the early church’s position:

Luke writes about 62 AD – 30 years after Jesus went back to Heaven, some of the apostles have died. The church has suffered persecution and Jesus has not returned! Paul has been imprisoned soon to be executed. The church is demoralized. How were these ordinary 1st century church people supposed to fulfil God’s plan without the apostles?

Luke writes to tell them about the beginning of the gospel, the start of the Church and how God used ordinary people empowered by the Holy Spirit.

C. Purpose of These Studies.

As we go through Acts let’s look at what happened when the Holy Spirit came and God’s people submitted to Him and allowed Him to work through them to accomplish His purposes-to reach a lost world with the gospel and build God’s Kingdom the Church.

Let’s also keep in mind how we too in the 21st century are ordinary people who through the empowering of the Holy Spirit using the gift(s) He has given to each of us can also do extraordinary work in the world we live in.

Study One

A. Jesus gives His Apostles the Mission – You, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, be My witnesses.

Read Acts 1:1-8 and discuss the following:

  • v.3 – What did Jesus do with and say to the apostles during the 40 days after His resurrection? What was His focus?
  • What was He wanting them to do regarding the coming of the Holy Spirit and why?
  • What was their mission to be, where and when?

B. God sends the Holy Spirit.

Read Acts 2:1-13. Discuss in your group the following:

  • Imagine the scene and the believers experience with the sound of the roaring of a mighty windstorm, what looked like tongues of fire, the filling of the Holy Spirit and the speaking of other languages. Why do you think God used these tangible signs in this way?
  • What was the response of the other people present? Include also Luke’s inclusion of Acts 2:13.
  • What was the significance of God’s timing when there were Jews from many other nations? Consider Jesus words in Acts 1:8.

C. The Disciples Respond.

Read Acts 2:14-40.

  • How did the apostles respond?
  • What was the essence of their message?
  • What was the essence of their answer when the people asked, “Brothers what should we do? “

D. The Church Begins.

Read Acts 2:41-47.

What characterized the early church? Consider what they did, how they lived and cared for each other.

3. Application.

Are there things we can learn and apply to churchatparavista? Were there things we wouldn’t apply to our time and culture now?

How do you think the same Holy Spirit is wanting to work through us in the world around us here in Adelaide in 2017? How is He wanting to work through you?

Are you doing the four things Henry spoke about on Sunday?

  1. Ask God to use you.
  2. Submit to His will.
  3. Watch for opportunities.
  4. Step out in faith.

“Over the years God has used ordinary people empowered by the Holy Spirit.”


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